The things you knew I’d written about you: break up with a younger woman

She was being a pain in the butt, to put it mildly. Like I told her via text many months after, my days, now that she wasn’t around, were pretty quiet. Was going to the gym more and spending time at home. Also working on a new future e-book about finance tips, hopefully to be complete in a few months. In the mean time get your copy of my current book ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’ on Amazon or Kindle.

Anyway, after no contact for a while she would start to text to say hello out of the blue. She also reminded me what a ‘bad person’ I was. To which I would say, if I was so ‘bad’ then why did she keep texting me? In addition, I knew she was secretly stalking my Facebook page as well, either by asking her friends to spy on me or by friending me directly under a fake name.
I had advised her not to drink and text at the same time but to no avail. I knew she was hurting but I just hoped she would listen to my advice during and after the relationship was over. I tried leaving but she wouldn’t let me take off (I know why) and I wouldn’t be strong enough at first to just leave but instead kept going back to her. I always thought that clean breaks are the best and I have been able to break up cleanly for like forever. Except in this case. I responded to her texts with brief texts of my own. I knew it would never end if I kept up the discussion. And what else was there left to say? At some point we have to agree to disagree, leave it at that, and move on with our lives. It doesn’t matter if there still was sexual attraction thanks to my awesome oral skills, or her great looking butt or whatever. The time had come to call it quits. I articulated clearly to her that I am not the one for her, being married and twice her age. The fact it lasted 2 years, is a miracle. I never hung around with anyone that long. Sugar or no sugar. It’s like that song… ‘why do you come here’. She knew everything about me, what I blogged about her and more importantly what I felt. She is a very smart girl who really cares about things and I know for sure she will do well in her life. I wish she had more confidence in her self. And I wish she would be mature enough to let sleeping dogs lay. We had great times and also some not so great. And now it’s done.I didn’t realize that a breakup with a younger woman would be as messy. But that’s understandable given the level of emotional attachment that took place. I wish I knew how to make it easier on her

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2 Responses to The things you knew I’d written about you: break up with a younger woman

  1. DowntownLASD says:

    You did the right thing, brother. I know what an obsession looks like, and this looked like an obsession. Put as much distance between the two of you as possible, and dig deeper to find that sensible part of yourself that recognizes the danger to your life in allowing this festering wound not to heal.

  2. justanothergirl says:

    Suddenly stumped on this blog while finding a way to communicate with my SD. I think the problem with all the smart girls, who actually care is they simply cant let it go, only and only if the situation is so clearly impossible to salvage.

    Guilty as charged.

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