Intimacy with a much younger woman

I read someplace that intimacy with a younger woman is better than intimacy with a woman closer to our age. I have had both types but I really don’t know which is better (for the purpose of discussion, wife is excluded from the comparison). One thing I do know is that with an older woman, in general, you are getting a known quantity. You can relate easier to her and perhaps me and her have been through some of the same experiences, like the same music, see the world through the lense of a similar background and formative experience. We like her self confidence and we don’t feel like we need to show her the ropes. There are no ‘I am rolling my eyes because I can’t believe she just said that’ moments. In the past I have had several moments like these with women who were 20 years old, but its expected. Anyone of that age group is still finding themselves and discovering how they react and how they process what happens to them. A woman who is, say, 35 already knows all that and she doesn’t need my help to figure out or explain anything to her. I can actually have a grown up conversation with her.

With the younger one, at least based on my own personal encounters with them, I had to do a lot of explaining ‘Why cant you come out and see me right now?’ ‘Ummm, I am at work still?’ You know, silly stuff like that. Or I would be re-arranging my rather busy schedule to see the 20 year old and she would flake at the last minute (a pet peeve of mine!), without realizing I actually went through a lot of work to reshuffle things. I do have a busy lifestyle…

So then to the subject of intimacy, putting aside the little annoyances of a woman who is much younger. Thinking..I don’t know if its better than with a 35 year old, I just know its different. I am not just talking about the physical aspects of intimacy here. I am trying to think back what I felt when I was intimate with someone who was, say, 20. I felt excited to be with them, as it was a new experience for me. I also felt a bit self conscious like when walking around and getting strange looks from women closer to my age. Would people think I am a dirty old man? I swear I am not. Out of the many women I have been with, I can only count on the fingers of one hand those who were 19 to 22 years old. I also found that I tried being on my best behavior, as I didn’t want to turn them off on the whole of mankind by acting or saying something insensitive. Of course those that I found annoying I let them have it!

This is a long post, but I just can’t seem to describe my opinions about much younger women very effectively. It’s a tough subject to write about. At that age, some a narcissistic. Like that 21 year old Spanish girl that kept sending me selfies of her all made up in front of the bathroom mirror asking ‘How do I look, is this lipstick too red?’ right before she was going out with her entourage. Roll eyes, smile, and say ‘you look great don’t worry’.

Then with Alex, the intimacy on all levels was so intense that the age difference seemed to disappear. All relationships should be like that.

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  1. DowntownLASD says:

    I prefer the brains and spirits of older women, but the bodies of younger ones. And, since my sugar days were all about having great sex, the physical aspect of intimacy had to win out in the end. I can count on one hand the number of women over 30 I’d slept with. Similarly, the women under 21 numbered very few. I wrote in my blog about the age range of women I preferred: 25-30. C was 22 when we met, and she was unusually bright and agreeable, and had had some deep experiences in her short life. But in the end she was a flighty, immature girl with a bit of a cold heart that only came from a lack of perspective. I’m sure that as time goes by, she’ll have more life experiences and grow into the sense of empathy that she’ll need to be a wife and mother. Or not, in which case she’ll struggle with maturity and wonder why the men she picks are so devoid of substance.

    In the end, I think I’d like to find a very well-preserved girl over 30 or 35 who doesn’t have or want kids, who is a professional and who just wants kinky fun with a good looking middle aged guy like me. A man can dream….

  2. Suzy says:

    Hi David. I’ve begun reading your blog out of curiosity and have a question to ask (as well as request for some advice). My father is a successful businessman who always travels and is constantly busy. He always works overseas and spends 3 months with the family every year. I’ve only just heard about the SB and SD industry and I have suspicions that he’s been dabbling in it since 9 months is a long period of abstinence for men, is it not? I am 18 with 19 and 10 y.o. siblings and so I don’t want to alter our relationship with him and he’s very loving and a wonderful father. I was just wondering what the chances were that he’d be doing this and what your reaction would be if your daughter were to find out about your ‘recreational activities’. Thanks ^^

    • Hi Suzy thanks for reading my blog (and hopefully the book too ? :))
      If my daughter were to find out my activities I would be devastated! All I could do is explain that men, sometimes, when they get lonely well you know the rest.
      I hope your father isn’t doing this, it sounds like you would be disappointed if he was. Now given the fact that he travels for most of the year, there is a better than 50/50 chance that he is doing or tempted to do this. How does it make you feel if he did it? While at the same time he still loves his family (men compartmentalize easier than women)

  3. Suzy says:

    I haven’t gotten around to getting the book yet but I’m highly tempted to. Yor way of discovering and categorising human traits and social behaviours is very intriguing. Tbh, if I discovered that my father was a SD, it would probably impair our relationship permanently. Every time Ihug or kiss him (since I’m still very much his little girl) I wouldn’t be able to get the thought of him doing that to someone of my own age out of my head. I’d always regarded him very highly so, as you said, it would be a disappointment. I know very clearly that he loves his family but the resentment may also stem from the realisation of what this would mean to my mother as well. And if I did find out, I would never tell him or anyone else of my realisation. It would be my own way of preserving the family since bringing it out would be the beginning of the end.
    From what you’ve said, I guess that his being a SD is a very real possibility. To be honest, it frightens me a lot.
    Thank you for making an effort to answer my questions and giving me genuine feedback. It really helped me put things into perspective.

    • DowntownLASD says:

      Interesting comment about how you’d react if you discovered that your father were a Sugar Daddy, because you’d be uncomfortable with the idea that he was being sexual with a woman your age. In my blog, I wrote a lot about how I did my best to keep the women older than my oldest niece (who’s now 24), and always to ask if their fathers were older than I was. Of course I knew that with many of these women I was old enough to be their fathers, but if I was younger than their actual dads, that felt a little less like cradle robbery.

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