Married sugar babies

I have been thinking about married sugar babies recently, mainly because I got a lovely email from a nice lady who read my book‘Sugar Daddy Diary’ on Amazon. She is married but dabbles in sugar. Now I admit, based on what I have blogged about in the past, that I usually don’t like to do anything with other people’s wives. I have been called a giantist of hypocrisy. I am a controversial figure, I know!
But somehow messing with another guy’s wife seems wrong. I do have morals you know..
The way this hot blond explained everything (via email not in person, unfortunately) made me think. She said that some women, even though married for some time, may later in life discover that they ‘settled’. Others are still technically married but in fact separated from their husbands. Many of these ladies may seek sugar as a way to explore experiences that were denied of them earlier in their lives. That’s an interesting proposition actually, which I didn’t think of earlier. I was a bit biased I guess. But just like some married men may feel they don’t get enough attention at home, the same exact thing may happen to women as well. And some of these women may go into sugar in order to meet a man of means and experience things not done before. It all sounded so normal when she said that… ‘These SBs are great, attractive and mature, and perhaps they want to enjoy life and experience things that thy may have missed in the past so far’
She also mentioned a downside of a married sugar baby: they may not have as much tme available as single SBs so they may not be at the beck and call of heir sugar daddy.
Things to think about, for sure..

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  1. Ginger Daddy says:

    I’ve never been keen on giving a married woman money. Just seems wrong to me. Perhaps its old fashioned of me but the husband should be providing. And how do I know the money I’m giving her isn’t just going to him. Part of the appeal of sugaring for me is helping out someone in need, truly. Now any sugar baby may have a romantic boyfriend…I don’t care and don’t care to know, but married? No thanks.

    • Sugar Baby says:

      Wanting to say that there are more of us than I can say who would love to be SB’s that you’re counting out. The money will definitely NOT go to our husbands. In fact, it will help us leave. There are so many of us at this stage of life who have husbands who not only change due to midlife, but that horrible characteristics come out. I for one, have a great job, but 1700 a month will not sustain me if I leave. I need a SD to help in that support where I can be free.

    • Pauliita says:

      In my case I am married I recently turned 23, young right. I made a huge mistake getting married at 18. After being in a very abusive relationship in all aspects I just want to get out. Being a college student it’s been difficult to save money. Haven’t found the right SD but hoping I will.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even if married, the man refuse to support his child and I. I refuse to stay home and just wait for the time I will get kicked to the curb. I found a job, but it’s not enough for me to find good childcare. My jobs don’t last long because my childcare isn’t stable and reliable. Just asking the man for a few bucks to get diapers and responses don’t you have a job. Tell me how am I suppose to feel, tell me if my going to okay if I just left, but I can’t abandon my children, I won’t and never. I working on looking for a second and third job so I can be financial stable without him. Tell me it this marriage is right or now. He may not ever lay a figure in me yet, I am like a single mom struggling financially and lacking affection. Even stating the problem and trying to work things through and yet I’m force to leave a job or get fired. If there was a way out of this misery. No, unless I work on becoming an entrepreneur first. The struggle has started and now how long will it take to become a successful married single mom without affecting my children emotion.

    • Brittany says:

      I would love to be a Sugar Baby and my husband is perfectly okay with it but I don’t know anything about it and while I am curious I am not very in shape but am not obese. I don’t know anything obviously so any info or tips?

  2. Yup. You would think that those husbands would provide for the household, to the maximum of their ability. Yet, you would be surprised how many deadbeats exist out there. Sad..

    • LovelyLissa says:

      You would think they would but they don’t

    • Finpick says:

      Married SB might be going into it to escape the financial hold their husbands have over them. He may not be verbally or emotionally abusive, but there’s a much less obvious form of abuse… Financial abuse. No access to money, stay at home wives are often isolated and left without resources. They don’t have the means to escape. No credit, no job, no money. They’re imprisioned in a sense.

      • Finpick says:

        And yes, I was describing my life.

      • wow…have you tried talking to your husband about this situation?from what you have said it doesn’t sound very healthy, if I may say so

      • TinywifeyAu says:

        Spot on!
        I’m married and have been with my partner since i was 14 (20 years aho). He is older and although not “abusive” im restricted alot and i crave freedom and attention. My online life helps with that and keeps me smiling when i just want to scream. It’s for my secret spoiling, him not even noticing is my motivation to keep doing it. I don’t ever hook-up or physically cheat though. I’m tame i guess lol

        • Raven says:

          How well does it work out being a married Sugar baby?
          I really want to get into it without having to get physical with the SD. Considering I can never get out the house.

      • Jennifer says:

        U r completely right. Thats just what im going thru as women married only 2 years. I cant get a job i always stay home and do what he wants to do all the time. Only time i am able to go anywhere is if he is with me or i am going grocery shopping for the month. Thats all the time i get and only time i get access to any money

      • Mandie says:

        This! Exactly! It’s like how can you be a good wife when you’re constantly dealing with that kind of husband! Then you get to the point of despising the husband and you’re stuck. Not many people understand.

      • Rebekah says:

        THIS is absolutely the realest truth as to why married women become Sugar Babies. They are promised everything will be taken care of for them, they won’t have to work and the husband essentially pulls a “long con” and leaves her with nothing to save herself later when the real him shows face. That being said… It is also the reason why the sugar baby would not be at her sugar Daddy’s Beck and call. Generally their husband is the overly jealous type and being secretive is difficult.

    • Sugar Baby says:

      I’m coming up on 28 years of marriage so I speak with authority. I’ve been denied sex for over 8 years. I am now starting to be denied communication. I have had enough. My husband believes that because of God’s rules we have to stay together no matter what (whether sex, communication, or basic necessities are available). I don’t believe the same way but am trapped in my earnings. I can’t afford to be on my own. I want out!

    • Diana Klingensmith says:

      I need a sugar daddy i am married but he does not provide financialy .to my satisfaction..come to me..he works all the time..

  3. Abbie says:

    I’m a 25 year old military wife. When he goes away I go and stay with a friend in another, bigger city. Hubby is definitely not a deadbeat. Last year I tried the sugar thing and had a great experience with a 4o ish guy from London. I got to go to Vegas :) This year I’ve met another 2 great men. All the men have been mature, attractive and understanding of my situation. Hubby believes I do work organized by my friend and earn some extra money

    • MamaBear1416 says:

      I don’t know if this is bad, but can I ask you how you do this?? I would like to be able to do this..

    • Sugar Baby says:

      I’m the same as MamaBear. Let me know how to sign up. I would love to do this!

    • MilitaryWife says:

      Reply on my experience and infor which might be of help to the women who asked.

      When we first moved to Ft Bragg I was a naive, inexperienced and unqualified married school leaver. He went on AIT and I struggled with fitting in, missing him (my world) and having no idea what to do. I soon got involved with an officer who didn’t give me money but helped me with finding jobs and bought me nice gifts. That affair ended and when he went away again I actively sought a sugar daddy. I started on craig’s list then I’ve been doing this for 6 years now. It’s a lot safer than seeing men from base as well, I think. My last SD was a dentist who I saw for 4 months who I actually got to temp for. His house was his practice so we stayed in after working hours :)

  4. Amber says:

    Not all marriages are monogamous. My husband enjoys they fact that I am sexually curious with a high sex drive and encourages me to be as satisfied as possible. Me being with someone else only improves our sex life at home, so why not. Now as far as the comments of giving a married woman money and that is her husbands job, please remember every situation is different. My situation for example is that I am a stay at home mom, and my husband works very hard. We live a very nice lifestyle but money is certainly not unlimited on one income so we make choices and as a wife and mother I simply have a hard time choosing things like nails, purses and clothes over family vacations and college savings. A good wife doesn’t feel good about using family funds on wasteful things. But if my husband allows me to sleep with other men and I am attractive enough to satisfy a sugar daddy why shouldn’t I have a little guilt free spoiling?

  5. @Amber, wow that is a pretty open minded marriage i guess. I do like the fact that you like to prioritize funds and are conscious of finances. And if you are ever in New York allow me to spoil you. (giant flirt)

  6. MarriedGal says:

    Well I stumbled upon this and I must say this is quiet everything I thought but with a twist… Why? Well I am married and have been for 12 years (im 30) I own my own company doing IT and such… My husband has a very nice finance job… But…. I recently started experiencing… Hmm not sure what it is that I am experiencing but I feel the need to be spoiled. My husband is not a very romantic spoiling me type of guy… He is a here is my money UR money in a joint acct spend as needed don’t ask me questions… So in reality if I want something I get it… But I am at a point where I want to be spoiled and I want to feel wanted and desired. I know I have the looks and really the “need” to have some sort of excitement. I voiced my concerns to my husband but he is a very work focus guy and with kids and all we forget about each other… I recently signed for this websites looking for a sugar daddy… Hahaha anyway I thought to my self who in the right mind want to do this with a married woman?!!!! My thoughts were like the comments above… I went to a sugar daddy site simply because I want to b spoiled! I could have an affair but why? I need to feel how it feels to be somebody’s little princes. I’ve been to busy trying to be this strong independent woman that is self sufficient. I’m sure many do it for different reasons… And some girls do this for a living but… well I just started this search. I will maybe come back and let you know how it went. For now I ordered your book.

    • Hi Gal, I totally understand where you are coming from. To feel desired by someone new, perhaps after a certain period of time where both parties in the marriage are just comfortable with each other and that’s it….That’s why I did this journey. Thanks for reading and please DO let me know how it went

  7. Babygurl says:

    I am like Amber, in an open marriage. In fact my hubby and I are very openminded, we been in some wild and sexy adventures, it’s natural, we love sex and we love experiment together and on each other sides.
    I want to try the sugar dating, because I want to be spoiled, and it’s not like I’ll be giving money to the husband, I don’t need an allowance in/or cash, a sugar daddy can give shoes, purses, jewelry, trips, etc., things that make a lady feel like royalty and beautiful. I don’t know which are my chances since maybe the fact of being married will scare the potential SDs.

  8. Kat says:

    Im not a sugar baby, but i am married and was curious about it. My friend has a sugar daddy, but im tired of being broke. I want to be spoiled, and have the money i need to survive. I have no car, Im a student, and i just wanna be able to live a little with no strings attached since i ama happily married, but im young so my husband doesnt havr a degree yet, and works at a 7.50$ an hour job to help me, but sometimes it isnt enough. He criticises me because i even considered being a sugar baby and he told me “no thats not happening”. I want this luxerious life without loosing my partner…

    • hmmm..well its tough having everything at the same time (sugar daddy, husband etc). You can do it, but you have to be careful. I would be happy to advise further :)

      • Julia says:

        I am not married but in a relationship and interested in becoming a sb and saw your post and wanted to get some insight and direction? I am willing to be strictly online or meet. I can do web shows and even include a man in the web show or a girl I have been known to play with. Is this the sort of thing a sugar baby would provide? Any advice? I do get turned on by feeling wanted and spoiled although my ex didn’t work at all. I also get turned on by being watched or recorded

      • Julia says:

        How could I contact you David?

          • CuriousBre says:

            I have a various amount of questions I would like to ask about the SB/SD experiences. I’m 21, very mature and a bisexual newlywed who is very interested in this lifestyle, is there anyone that can help answer my questions?

          • Ask away , i can respond

          • CuriousBre says:

            Would you or any SD you know be interested in helping a female-female married couple get on their feet? I would be the one to go on dates, and I am seeking guidance in my life journeys along with allowances that doesn’t go to my wife. Our working money goes to the things we need like priorities but it’s becoming difficult for me to have any money for myself or the funds to go back to school. I offer companionship’s but no sex or relationships. In your opinion, do you think SB is a lifestyle for me in my situation?

    • Nikki says:

      I am in the EXACT situation as you girl! I’m very curious about the SB lifestyle but haven’t pursued it. Maybe I will! :-)

  9. Mami says:

    I am in a marriage that is open minded and one income does not stretch very far. I have never been spoiled but am rather curious about it. My husband knows I am on the site but I say discreet because of my children. I love my husband very much but I just want to know what it is like. I been a member on sa for sometime now and had one date but nothing to write home about. I found this blog and just had to write any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    • Hmmm, email me for more personalized advice at Just to keep things discreet….
      And I really don’t blame you for wanting to find out more about this lifestyle. Its fun and intriguing

      • Amanda Trimble says:

        I would love to hear this advice. I have been propositioned by a SD recently via Instagram. My husband is weirded out and doesn’t like the idea, but all the SD wants is friendship and a lunch if we are ever in the same city. I am so tired of being broke after the wedding, I don’t really see an issue with it but I need my husband to be on board. I’m also not sure how to know if this SD is legit or if it is a scam…

        • Well you just have to use your womans intuition. If its something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
          And i can’t blame your husband for feeling weird. At least if there is no sex involved it will be easier to accept

        • Baby girl Manda says:

          This happened to me recently. I guy on my twitter hit me up in regards to being my sugar daddy. But I don’t know. My marriage is open but we have an agreement we let each other know and we always make sure to never bring it home. I have been interested I. This life style because being broke and it having much my whole life sucks. And none of the money would go to my husband it would be for me to actually be spoiled for once instead of going into out savings. Like the rent has to be paid the light and cable has to be paid I need mo way to eat and things like that. Then to not have enough or know what a vacation get away feels like sucks. But back to the guy who hit me up on my Twitter I don’t know. I’m afraid to get taken advantage of online. Is it weird to feel so Paranoid. Like I would love a sugar daddy and I would be a good sugar baby but having the random guy hit me up I just don’t know.

          • It’s natural to be a bit apprehensive.
            But how else would you meet a SD if not online. Technology nowadays ..
            Where do you live? In some
            locations it’s easier to meet SDs in real life than online

          • Baby girl Manda says:

            I live in New York and he said he lives in Maryland . You can see my hesitation about this.

      • Mo says:

        I am newly married and I love my husband dearly but he doesn’t have the means to spoil me in the way I wish he could. I do not wish to do anything sexual is there a way to still sugar

    • Andrew Ferruche says:

      I would love to talk if you have a chance send me an email.i saw your comment from 2015 so you may never get this but I married and love to hear how that turned out for you

  10. Alexandra says:

    I was curious about what others have experienced. We are in our mid 20s and been married for a year. My husband is gone a lot and does not make a lot of money. I met an older single man through my part time work that I got to know and he offered me an arrangement. Obviously I knew strings would be attached in terms of sex and travel, but he is a fun guy and it has been great to be helped financially and pampered. He also makes me feel sexy. Someone paying attention like he does is attractive. it is staining my marriage though. You have to be realistic…and I know my husband would never approve. So I keep it on the down low.

  11. R😀 says:

    I agree about wanting some romance. Is there such a thing as a younger sugar daddy for a married sugar baby?

  12. Bbygirll says:

    I’m in an financially abusive marriage. I don’t know how To do this without getting caught and without feeling bad. But if I don’t do something I’m going to be spiraling down into a pit of loneliness.
    I did this in college and I had a man who spoiled me just for being loyal and talking to him. But I don’t know how To find another one like him. I just want intellectual company and to feel special but not someone’s sex slave. I just want to feel loved and feel like I’m worth something. But I don’t want to lose my standards or morals.
    When a woman is stuck in a marriage such as this, it’s impossible to get out. And I refuse to be on food stamps. Women shouldn’t have to feel like they need to sacrifice their happiness just to stay in a financial secure relationship/marriage. Why am I not allowed to have both?

    • Well, you are raising a lot of questions here. Why is your marriage financially abusive? If you hubby is taking care of you then its not abusive. If he is not letting you work, then THAT is obviously abusive. You say no to being someone’e sex slave. That’s good. But intimacy with a man doesn’t always involve you being his sex slave, lol.
      And who said you can’t have financial freedom and happiness? You need to speak to your husband and communicate your needs. If you have already done that and he is not responding, perhaps you can try communicating to him in a different way. I also offer one on one counseling if you are further interested. Email me

  13. Blondee says:

    Just thought I’d explain another possibility. I am a 22 year old married sugar baby. ( I know I’m quite young) I have only been married a few years and sad to say I have never been happy. But when I got married I made the decision to be unhappy, over being alone. I decided to venture into the sb life style when I had enough. To give a little background my husband is a fun guy but as his wife I am the bottom of the totem pole. His priorities are fishing and hunting and that rarely leaves time for me. We go months with out spending a single day together , and it takes begging and pleading. But at the end of the day I know I could never financially support my self as I am a full time student(40 hours a week at school) so I know I don’t have the strength to leave. He doesn’t support me being in school and thinks the dreams I have for my self are rubbish. But what lead me to this wonderful new world is the fact he has only ever bought me one gift the entire time we have been together( a fuzzy blanket after emergency appendix surgery) . I didn’t even get An engagement ring I had to buy a fake one online so my family wouldn’t know. I have never gotten a birthday present, never opened a gift from my husband on Christmas anniversaries nothing. I wanted a sugar daddy because I wanted a man in my life who would want me to have nice things, and support my dreams because they know how wonderful success is and how truely attainable it can be with some work. As far as hiding the money it was a lot easier then I expected. I bought a Mary Kay starter kit and when meeting with my SD I was always at Mary Kay appointments , and occasional travel was just business trips . The extra money I had to him was just my Mary Kay profit and he let me spend it as I wished. He would only think it was a couple hundred dollars as compared to the real amounts and I would just tell him I bought the really expensive things from thrift stores or bought them from people or on clearance etc…. I know it sounds horrible to have this secret life, but it is the only thing that keeps my life as normal as possible with friends and family , and keeps me happy.

    • It’s quite sad when the other person in your life doesn’t appreciate what you do, doesn’t support your dreams of education and self improvement and doesn’t even give you holiday gifts (reminder: I have to get the missus lots of presents this year! she been good to little ol’ me).
      Anyways, I of course understand the sneaking around bit. I did it out of my need for excitement rather than issues at home. You case is harder to deal with, and you are so young. What do you think will happen inn the long run? Email me if you want to talk more privately

    • Drew says:

      Wow Blondie your post describes exactly what has been going on in my life lately! I have been wanting to enter the SB world too for the exact reasons you mentioned. The only difference is I am a bit older than you and been married for 10 years with a few kids. I want the exact things you do in life. I am sick of my husband never supporting what I want to do. I am also so tired of having to beg for him to take me out or do anything with me. Also the way you chose to cover up the money is great. I thought about doing that too only with a different company I used to be involved with. If you have any more advice for someone just starting out doing this feel free to email me.
      Good Luck with everything and hope things work out the way you want them too. :)

  14. Dchyna says:

    Im 21 years old,married and with a daughter,my husband loves me and so do i,but as the agency i was working for couldn’t afford my salary i had to stay home but of course,it’s tough running a house with money coming in only one husband doesnt know and its hard to keep something like this under wraps

  15. Lori says:

    I have been a married woman to a truck driver for 18 years. We have separate bedrooms, he is impotent and not affectionate at all. I go to bed lonely all the time. I never get to go anywhere or do anything. He recently had a stroke in Feb of this year. Now there is no income. I have applied to jobs everywhere and I am told no because I don’t have experience. I was actually looking into the escort industry when I stumbled upon sugar babies. It is not just the possible money that intrigued me. It was the idea of someone actually wanting to be with me, caress me, kiss me, and make me smile. I am in college pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences. I looked at a web site and I just do not know how to build a profile. I am a natural red head. Full figured and have been told I look late 20’s. How does someone start on an adventure like this? If I had the money I would pay someone for companionship. It gets lonely.

    • Hmm well, it takes time and effort but you can meet someone. Look at other profiles of sugar babies and try building your own that honestly describes what you are looking for. I can help you if you like

      • Dawn says:

        I have a simple
        Question which might not be simple but here goes nothing.
        I’m 26 and happily married but I’m struggling financially I have 3 beautiful babies. My husband and I have talked about me being a sugar baby but I shy away from it bc I don’t want to have sex with anyone but my husband (in less we find girl who is down) my husband works soooo much that we don’t have time for adult conversations or adult outings. I would like to venture into this world but only for sensual conversations, adult conversations and outings things along those lines but it doesn’t seem like there a lot of sugar daddies in the world that want to add sex into the mix. So my question is are there any sugar daddies that don’t want sex just like to talk and have someone’s company?

        • Dawn says:

          I just want to be spoiled the way a female should be spoiled and my husband isn’t able to provide that right now.

        • hmm they do exist. But I do think that most want a full blown dating relationship, i.e. something that will eventually lead to sex if the two individuals get along well. That being said, you can find someone who doesn’t want sex but it might be a bit harder, realistically

  16. Anne says:

    I am a 30 year old woman. Mother of 1 and mote on the quiet side. Sometimes very quiet.. I am actually proud of my age and this seems to be a problem according to some.. People suggesting Inlie about mu age, etc. No thanks I earned my years.. Which is a part of why I want a SD 60+ I think I am a bit infatuated with old age. Also I am 5’2″ would a size 4/5 be “hot body” size for most? That is my prefered size for myself. Do I have a chance at finding a busy and or low key sugar daddy? What do you think?

    • I think that 30 years old is a great age. Still young and attractive yet more mature than someone in the 19 to 25 years. Many men do prefer the under 30 crowd, but there are enough men out there that you should be able to find someone suitable, who will go for your age group. Question: why would you want someone who is 60? isn’t that a bit too old?

      • Cherie says:

        I’m a 43 year old married baby. I have men of all ages contact me. The most consistent answer I get as to why they are interested in an older woman is they like the maturity and experience. Married men contact me because I am married. They are not looking to change their situation at home and neither am I. I go by if we connect , great …. If not , no hard feelings. My husband and I have dabbled with swinging so I guess that is why he can handle this. I don’t want to call it meaningless sex, but it’s nothing like what I have with my husband. I do have feelings for the daddies in my life , but nothing strong enough that if it ends tomorrow, so be it. It also gives us lots of things to dirty talk about in our bedroom. As far as the money in my situation , it’s mine to do with as I please.

        • Nessa says:

          Hi Cherie, can you email me. I would love to find out how your able to be a SB at your age. I’m 38 myself and though I’m always told I look like my 23yr old daughter…I’m still

          • Mona says:

            I`m over 40s myself, married for 15 years. My husband is nice guy, never`ve been abusive, very trustful, he is my best friend. Unfortunately he got sick 10 years ago, at the same time I lost my job… and we started sinking financially. All that difficult time I was near my husband, even didn`t think about leaving him and was keeping my hopes together… Today I have a great job that I love, but we live together as roommates, no romance or sex all these years. He can`t work due to his health condition, I`m the one who pays all debts for years… I joined SA because like every normal woman I want to feel wanted and desired, experience new things and visit new places. We don`t go any were, my husband doesn`t care how I dressed. I still look attractive, very fit, but I feel like I struggle to live this life this way. I would love to have an open marriage. Recently I shared with my hubby my thoughts of being a SB , but conversation didn`t go well. I just couldn`t tell him straight that I`m missing intimacy as well.
            It will be very hard having dates w/SD and stay discreet and been married at the same time. Any advises from SB like me?
            I want to replay to Sugar Daddy David . I`m on SA on and off for 2 years and found out that some men there actually like a married SB, because we are attached and won`t ask them to marry.

        • Mandie says:

          How do I go about trying this? Just turned 35 so I was a bit worried about being too old.

  17. BlackBeauty says:

    I am an educated, older attractive woman in her late 50s actually, but easily looks 10 years younger. I am married and have older kids. Its a good married, just not exciting, as a matter of fact we haven’t had sex in almost 2 years, so what am I suppose to do with myself. Anyway, I didn’t plan on becoming a SB but was just recently in an affair with a married man (my 1st) that was very generous among other things, but one day just dissappeared after six months without a word, would not respond to my texts or phone calls the one day I finally decided to find out what was going on). As a result of that I decided I like generous men, but not the relationship, emotional part. I’m on WhatsYourPrice and have received several offers but find that most of the men just want sex (which I understand), but they dont want the say… 3 date time frame to get to let me get to know them or vice a versa. They want to hook up almost immediately which is a turn off to me. P.S. I do have a platonic SD, he’s in his late 60s, but gives me money each month and I provide compansionship, tho he wants more. I don’t exactly need the money, its useful and exciting n fun to me to be valued in this way. Are all normal SD’s just trying to pounce, thought I would be meeting more who wanted a quality woman for fun but who would not be sleeping everyone who could afford her?

  18. Naomi says:

    I am very curious how a married woman or couple can find a sugar daddy arrangement. I’ve been married 15 years but marriage seems stale. I like to travel but have some medical conditions. Advice?

    • Hmmm, it will be hard because in general SDs prefer single sugar babies. But if you do put a profile make sure you are very discreet with your pictures. You don’t want hubby finding you!! Also, medical conditions are your own private business so I wouldn’t think you have to disclose them. Unless of course it is something contagious

  19. Harmony says:

    I’m 27, married …( but my husband does not provide financially or emotionally). His words and actions are harsh and even though I work i can’t even buy a bottle of water without getting an ear full. Don’t get me wrong I love him. He’s not a bad person but I feel let down because I feel like a man should provide or at least want To. I don’t mind working it’s just the ungreatfulness and control that make it less rewarding. And the fact that I still have to cook and clean and be cheery..because that’s what a wife should do. I have an 11 yr old son from a previous relationship and it breaks my heart that I’m not allowed to buy him things or spend money even just to take him to lunch after a day of immunizations. I don’t want to be unfaithful I have strong morals but I do want to enjoy the company of someone and I really do want to be pampered . I’m not a mooch but I think maybe becoming a SB is a good mutual rewarding option. Only I’m terrified I’ll get murdered or something, also I’m scared no one would pick me. Because I’m 27..a mom..married.and I don’t have much use of my left hand or foot following a brain injury so I can’t walk in heels. I can do everything else though and it is hardly noticeable to others. I’m 5’7 120 lbs long blond hair and blue eyes and have done national print modeling. I Love just about everything from outdoorsy laid back things to luxury dining and traveling. So I have at least that much in my favor. Do you think I even stand a chance though? In comparison to other girls? And is it safe? Where would I even start?

    • Hi, thanks for reading. And I am sorry about the issues with your marriage :( married folks need attention and love sometimes too. From anywhere….
      You shouldn’t have any problems finding men, your pictures are beautiful. Finding a SD also depends whee you live. If you are in a big city I’d say sign up on one of the sugar sites and watch the Sd’s starting to email you.

  20. fiestyqueen says:

    hello im in on this whole generous SD thing ive been married five years married as a virgin by the way didcovered the wait wasnt worth it been treated like trash been physically abused emotionally and mentally abused also hubby doesnt provide at all believes responsibilities should be shared im going crazy here i need a soothing relief someone who can pamper me spoil me sex me no strings attached pls help

  21. Lizzie says:

    I am happily married with two kids and I believe I am going to be with this man until we die. The problem is my husband likes being in the job he is in and it doesn’t support all of us. Sure it pays our bills, but I pay for my own health insurance and we are struggling to pay for any of my needs. If my shoes break I just have to deal with it because we can’t afford new ones. I’m a mom so I sacrifice things to help my kids and make sure they don’t want for anything, but when is it my turn to get something I want?! I want to go back to school and own my own car. I am completely dependent on my husband and even though I’ve tried working I can’t stand minimum wage jobs because they just got straight to my bills. I don’t need anything sexual but I need a little romance and I want to be spoiled like I feel I should be. I want to be able to meet the right people and get myself a career. I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while, but I’m not sure about it and I don’t hear about married women doing this unless they are in an open, abusive, or unloving marriage. Well what about those like me? I guess I want a little bit of advice on how I should go about this. Is there those who can provide friendship and companionship as well as some romance without expecting anything more? Or should I just find something else? This sounds so interesting to me, but I don’t want to pursue a sexual relationship. It’s completely off limits to me. What do I do?

  22. Peko says:

    Hi, I been married 10years with my husband. I moved to uk 12years from Singapore. I always been working and earn my own money, my husband never provide me any.. Suppose alot of western culture don’t give money…
    I met some friends and they mentioned about having some fling with other mature man who can spoiled them .. Any ideas where I can find one which can spoil and pamper me? Thank you

  23. LittleMaMa says:

    I’ve only been married for 2 years now.. I married young at 17 because we had a kid (wasn’t planned) and thought marriage was the right thing to do. My husband doesn’t provide for me, he can’t get a job let alone keep one and our daughter is a year old. I know my husband loves me but to me it only seems like he’s interested in sex and wants nothing more. I’m an 18 year old mother of a 1 year old baby girl and I’ve never been spoiled, I’ve never been on a dinner date since he doesn’t make money, lol I share a couch with my baby girl at his parents house because that’s just how bad it is. I love him, I know I do but I want to know what it’s like to be spoiled, to actually be wanted and adored but nothing sexual, ya know? I’m just sick of sex but I’ve been getting very interested in the whole “sugar daddy” thing..

  24. Older SB says:

    I’m 36 and dipped my pinky into the sugar bowl first at 33 . Two failed dates later with the same guy I decided to back out because the guy was a splenda Daddy for sure. Didn’t even offer to give me gas money for either of my 2 hr round trip car rides to see him.
    Anyway, I am about to be married soon and am dipping my pinky in again.
    I am the bread winner in my house and my fiance is a wreck with the little money he makes. He spends money he doesn’t have and that leaves me to pick up the slack on his half of the bills. It is soooooooo frustrating. You don’t even know. I buy most of the food and necessities for the house .
    I do love him, but D@*% it! That leaves me with NO money for things for myself.
    Packing canned tuna to bring into work (while he eats out for lunch) and buying crap conditioner . Scrapping for gas money. Really!?
    I get messages from a few different guys a day and have been steadily chatting with a couple specific guys, so my age and status of “married” or soon to be doesn’t seem to be a problem.
    I am to meet one POT soon and hopefully it will go well.
    I work hard and I deserve to be spoiled.
    Unfortunately, the one who should be doing it is not.

  25. Tiannic says:

    I’m so happy that there are others like me. I’m trying out this sugar baby lifestyle but I’m married. The only reason I got married was because my boyfriend, now husband, at the time got me pregnant. Our parents are really old fashioned and didn’t want me to be a “disgrace” and a single mother so they told us to get married. I didn’t want to but I didn’t really have a choice. The good thing is that my husband understands and we have an open relationship. He lets me date and do what I want and I let him do what he wants. We’ll probably get divorced in the future but until our baby is out of the house, I’m stuck in a loveless marriage. I don’t like that people judge me before they know me.

  26. lacey says:

    I’m not a typical SB. In fact I’ve never actually been a SB at all, lol. I’m 40, not 20, but I’m very attractive and fit. And I’m in what some here have described….emotionally, verbally, financially abusive marriage. My husband is also repeatedly unfaithful. Spends all of our money on himself, booze, clothes, and women (i assume). I scrape by and pinch pennies. The only things I buy for myself are clothes for work and I buy at thrift stores, second hand. I cut my own hair, do my own nails, etc. I want out but can’t afford a lawyer and can’t support my own living arrangements. I’ve spoken with SD’s who have immediately tried to buy me gifts or send me money. Before accepting it, I’ve been honest and as soon as I am, they disappear. Still interested in sex, but no more offers of support or spoiling.

  27. kate says:

    I’m also married. My husband and I make enough to pay the bills and get by okay. But when there is extra it always goes towards his musical equipment. I was able to go to a salon for the first time in over 5 years recently. Only because I had pinched away small bits at a time over a period of time. He is a bit of an ass, but I love him. He just doesn’t understand that I need things too. I haven’t felt this good in years, simply because I had my hair trimmed and dyed. He doesn’t do romance or any of those things that make a girl feel desired. So because of all this I’m thinking of trying the SB life.

  28. LadyK says:

    i am 27 years old lady and have been married for 5years now. my husband is a loving man but financially i have to make my own. honestly its abusive and now i m planning on having a sugardaddy. what is more painful is thar everytime i talk about getting a job he gets furious with me. i really cant live like this … better i find some1 who will meet my needs..

  29. Michelle says:

    I’ve been married for 13 years and I have 2 wonderful children. I would like to look into becoming a SB so I can leave my situation as my income alone is not enough. Is there any advice that any of you would be willing it give? It’s very much appreciated. Thank you kindly.

    • Well, you situation is not unusual…but before you become a SB make sure you can be very discreet, since I don’t think you want to put your marriage or family in danger
      Inbox me for more customized advice

  30. CarefullyConsidering says:

    I am interested in learning more about this type of situation. I am 38 yrs old and have been married 18 years, I have 4 children that are almost graduated now and plan on leaving him once they graduate but possibly earlier if he gets a job finally. I have paid all of the bills our entire marriage- even the 3 years he worked, he never contributed a penny. If I leave him – I have to pay spousal support, so for now I am stuck. I was truly “hoodwinked” as they say.
    I am wondering if it’s worth me signing up for this or if Daddies want you unattached.

    • Hi, Each SD is different so You can always try it out
      My own view though when I was in sugar was that I rather have unattached SBs
      Many men wouldnt want to insert themselves in someone elses marriage

  31. Payton says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only curious one! I was just browsing ’cause you know when you’re struggling you get desperate. I’ve always joked about wanting to be a sugar baby, okay part of me was being serious, but I never tried it. I’m now 24, I’m not married but in a relationship and I have two kids. One child is from a previous relationship and the father doesn’t provide, which leaves my boyfriend to provide for him. My boyfriend is the only one that works. I want to work and I need to work but because of his odd schedule, it’s impossible. I just wanted to know if there were SB’s with my similar situation, or if my situation even exists in the SD/SB world. If so, does it work out? The more I search the web the more curious I become!

  32. It is very interesting, how many married women are out there kinda stuck in unhappy marriages, and thinking about sugar. Wish you were all in NY! lol

  33. Courtney says:

    It is amazing how many women are like me! I am 26 and have been married for 5 years. I have two beautiful girls. At first the marriage was ok. But as of the last 3 years or so there is basically nothing there. No doubt my husband loves me and I him, but the sex has basically stopped. I am not allowed to work because he is too tired to be home with the girls after he has already worked. There is no way I could leave at this point. I have to beg for attention and even then it is something he enjoys. Even when he does horrible things he doesn’t try to make up for them just resumes to normal. So the idea of someone spoiling me and adoring me is EXTREMELY tempting. That is all I want is to feel loved and adored. Obviously money is an issue with leaving but the feeling that I am more than just a housewife and a mother is what draws me to it. I am very curious. Sex would definitely be something that needs worked up to. At this point my husband has me at a point that I feel unattractive and unworthy so someone making me feel the opposite would be Justin wonderful money or not.

  34. Cat says:

    Interesting read. I have been pondering dabbling in sugar but currently am in a failing marriage (abuse, lack of respect and infidelity). Its definitely a breath of fresh air to know I am not the only one in this situation.

  35. Mandy says:

    Hi, Some of my answers have been answered above, but there is one question that hasn’t although i can probably guess at the answer.
    Most guys I know state that i am attractive, but i am still on the heavy side.
    Can i Assume that the option of being a SB is out of the question?

  36. Morgan says:

    I would love to be a SB. But being a married black woman makes it very difficult. From the little research I’ve done, most SD want white or Latina SBs. As far as the money, I don’t NEED it. I have a great job. But my husband does (and always has) lacked in the part of taking care of me. So having someone to care for me for a change would be nice. I met him when I was 19 and we were both active duty. When he got out I was expecting him to “step up” and it kind of never happened, or it did but at painstaking pace. I just would like someone to care for and look out for me for a change.

  37. Red Jessica says:

    This is great to read this. I’m happily married and we have an open relationship. Got it all, jobs, kids house yada yada. We work different shifts. But, like I’m reading here I want to be spoiled by a SD. We have been really talking about this and my hubby supports me to yet. I read up in the threads it’s hard for mom’s to use family funds for spoil things so glad I read that, I struggle with that.

  38. Tammra Mitchell says:

    I myself am that stay at home mom and wife that never leaves the house does anything or has control of moneyh in any way and i heard a friend discussing being a sugar baby and how u can still be faithful in your marriage and still have benefits of support and other thiings from someone else. I am now looking into and reading all reviews okkn possibly becoming a married SB

  39. Tammra Mitchell says:

    So if abyone has any advice that would be amazing i never knew about this before a couple hours ago and now im whole heartedly considering it. 😍

  40. BoredSAHM says:

    Wowwww so many of us are alike! I’ve always been curious about being a SB. I even told my bf (now fiancé) that I wanted to try it. He said go ahead so I did then got mad when I actually did it and received a check! He thought I was joking about it so he made me stop. But here I am 5 yes later and still curious! I’m a stay at home mom of 2. My man works third so when he is home he’s asleep. I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck and not being able to have nice things. I wish he’d let me sugar, maybe with out sugar maybe some kissing and playing around. But I’m in PA and seems like there’s none here. As I wouldn’t really be able to travel without raising red flags to him. Ugh I’ll have to live through others. I’m only 25 and already stuck at home as a SAHM. Not that I don’t love my babies but I want excitement and someone to show me off as he doesn’t!. And I know my man wishes he could give that to me but he can’t with his salary. I feel bad for wanting this but I like nice things. And if he’d allow me I could make a killing as I think I’m pretty attractive. I hope that didn’t come off as conceited :(

  41. Bee says:

    I have been with my boyfriend 24 years and we are longtime swingers. Now that I’m working I’m the oil patch, I’ve taken on a few boyfriends there to replace the ones I don’t get to see at home anymore.

    At 45, I have attention from 20 to 80. I have only been on the SB site for a day but the emails are overwhelming. So why am I considering an arrangement? An injury has left me with restrictions and finding work is hard. I love sex and relationships and wouldn’t be offended to have that with an allowance to help me make ends meet. We are paycheck to paycheck and he works two jobs. I’m really not holding up my end.

    I really hope SA helps me find someone who will help me access retraining and maybe help me get my inevitable boob lift! Lol!

  42. Lili says:

    Hi, so I’m interested in becoming an SB but unsure how the process works. I find your post interesting because I’m a 27 year old Medical student who recently got married. I’ve been with my husband for over 7 years before getting married. Relationship is ok, and I would like a means of financial freedom and not having to burden my husband with my school loans, especially because he’s about to lose his job. I want a way of holding my own while in school, and hopefully helping with the bills at home while I can. Any advice would be appreciated.

  43. GiveHerSugar says:

    We like your blog and agree with your post.

    It would be safe to assume that being taken care of and sometimes even getting spoiled is a natural female desire.

    Every girl wants to be with a winner who can provide them with a lot of resources.

    What girl doesn’t want to go to fancy restaurants, vacating exotic destinations, having unlimited credit for shopping etc?

    So even if a female has been married for a long while, even if she loves the guy more than anything – If he can’t provide and keep things exciting, boredom sets in. And when boredom sets in, that’s when you get curious… And when you get curious, that’s when you sign up for a sugar dating site.

    And frankly, we don’t blame them.

    Any guy with the right willpower can become at least somewhat successful.

    So if he decides to stay home and play video games instead of going out making bank so he can make the both of you happy, you have all the right to meet some exciting sugar dads on the side.

  44. Dani says:

    I’m not married. My boyfriend (father of my child) doesn’t make enough to really support us. I don’t have anyone to watch my son until after hours. My boyfriend can’t handle watching our son during the night either because our son is still drinking breastmilk, and since I don’t have time during the day to pump I can have a prepared bottle for him to try to use during the night…
    We live with my parents and they’re barely making it.

    I’ve applied for welfare but that’s been taken away because my boyfriend refused to sign some papers. I keep sending him links to better job opportunities but he either has yet to fill them out or comes up with some reason as to why he can’t work at these places “yet”.

    I’m too proud of a woman because I started working at 16 and started to take care of my own bills and other pleasantries at that age. The fact that I agreed to be a stay at home mom seems to be overlooked as he knew that I’d rather have a job and HELP support our family.
    I don’t have a car to get around either so things are even more difficult. This is literally my last resort to getting SOMEthing to help my son’s future…

  45. Go Fish says:

    I am an over 40 Sugar baby who is married, a mom to three children and also has a boyfriend. You might ask “How in the world??”… But it’s true! I NEVER saw myself ever doing something like this, however, I am a military wife and my husband actually encouraged me to join Tinder during his last deployment. We both are very affectionate people and he suggested it since he knew I got lonely and depressed during deployments. Why should both of us go without?
    Initially, I never thought anyone would want to date a married woman over 40, however I was completely wrong. I was hit with tons of matches on Tinder and it became too overwhelming so I stopped after I found a few FWB’s whose company I enjoyed.
    When hubby came back we focused on our relationship, but then decided to open up our marriage. He eventually found his own FWB and I went back to my favorite FWB (we have now dated two years). I had heard about Seeking Arrangement and decided to give it a try as well…since I love to go out, so why not get a little help financially with my credit card debt while I was at it? Surprisingly, none of the men I “interviewed” had a problem with it! I was very open about being married and started seeing two sugar daddies. I eventually ended one of the relationships after 4 months due to there being no chemistry on my part. If you are wondering about sex…well, I never had to have intercourse with either of them. We played in “other ways” while going on many fabulous dates!

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