She blew it

Here is a very old story, which I can now write about, since its history. Arrangements of any kind (sugar, business etc) are based on trust, at some level, right? You trust me to give you an allowance or whatever gifts at the times we agreed upon, and I trust you to be a fun companion and most of all be discreet, given my career and family situation. Well, I met this lady in Chicago many years ago. We had met through my blog and got to know each other online through several months of communication. We decided to meet for dinner during a trip that I took there. Had a great time, she was funny and personable. Until she decided it was a good idea to surprise me by taking my picture and sharing with her buddies. At the end of the day I didn’t particularly care, so that’s why I didn’t take the camera away (would have bought her a brand new one).

But that shows the character of somebody and that’s why it was disappointing more than anything else. It also showed she wasn’t arrangement material. I was on my way out of the sugar lifestyle anyway, and I certainly wasn’t going to consummate any arrangements on that occasion. I was planning to offer a ‘travel’ type of arrangement, perhaps flying her over to NY every so often, and work something out that way. But after incident that I put those thoughts back where they belonged. As they say, ‘Trust, but verified’. Imagine if I had wired money over to her! It likely would have been the last I saw of that woman, she would have taken it and ran.

I fully understand when women say they need to trust the man first before entering the arrangement and making sure he is reliable, classy and treats them right. It should work both ways though, whether an arrangement is discussed or not. Put your best foot forward!

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