Walking around at night…

I like walking around my hood at night, like at 9 or 10 pm. I used to walk around with someone. Not anymore, due to my own choices. So I just go by myself now late at night. Had some coffee and just meandered around..Hey that just reminded me what one of my business school professors used to tell me all the time ‘Montrose are you meandering the hallways again?’ Or upon graduation day when he saw me with the cap and gown ‘What are YOU doing here?’. ‘I like big parties’ was my response, eliciting a vague smile from him. I make more money than you pal, now take that!!

Anyways, I digress. I do walk alone, by choice sometimes, but I kinda like it. Gives me the chance to think and reflect quietly. I remember certain individuals, but such is life. Even if I never see anyone again, at least I am glad I met them. What an eye opener this experience was! From the persons with the daddy issues, to those with a severe case of ADHD (remember that girl in Houston who wanted to be a fashionista AND a titan of Wall street at the same time?), to those with the self-esteem issues, to those who couldn’t make up their minds at age 30 what they should be when they ‘grow up’, and to those who wanted to fall in love with an older man. And I discovered all that thanks to sugar. Otherwise I would have been pretty isolated just being an over educated, corporate type, white finance guy. I thank sugar for showing me, repeatedly, the different strokes that exist and for giving me the opportunity to have relationships with some of them. One thing I have to say though is that sugar, in many ways, was an eye opener to relationships with women. In some ways, I now see women in a different way. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. I am glad that I didn’t do sugar dating at the age of 20, otherwise I doubt I would have gotten married or even in a serious trusting relationship with someone. Or at the very minimum, the bar for which I would be able to be committed to some lady would have been a very, very high one.

As I think of the stuff I described in my book I wonder if I would be able to repeat all those things again. I am so curious..I doubt that I could. But I am glad, in a way, that I did.

And now? I always liked being a mentor (even professionally), so who knows what may come up.

I also want to sell more copies of my amazing book (a story of adventure, compulsion, sex, dates, heartbreak, family, and finally redemption!), so will be working on that as well.

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