Why are sugar babies around these older men?

To phrase it differently, a reader of my book ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’ asked:

‘What is it like to know that someone wouldn’t be around you if it wasn’t for the money or the success?’ Excellent question. The short answer is ‘I feel fine!’

To elaborate a bit, I think we just need to remember what is the sugar lifestyle we are involved with.  Are we in it because we are trying to find a wife? Probably not. Are we looking for the love of our lives? Unlikely. So then, why do we care why is someone with us? Do we really care, at the end of the day, whether this person is with us SDs because we can afford more things than most Americans? Or whether they like the fact we may have really nice suits and take them to nice restaurants?  Why should we care why are they here?

My point is, most SDs are already married, are already at a certain successful point in their lives so anything on top of that is basically just gravy. Of course it is a stroke to the male ego to think that all these babes are after us because we look hot. Perhaps we are hot and perhaps these babies are genuinely attracted to men with a little grey in their hair.  But we shouldn’t fool ourselves.  They are with us for the treatment. End of story. Try to take away the treatment and see if your calls get answered by the babes.  And that’s fine. While it makes us all feel great to think that these women like us beyond the money and the treatment, the reality is that they typically just want us for that. One thing, however: if things happen between us and sex takes place it is always nice to be physically with someone who actually wants to be there. We can tell the difference! So in that respect we do care if the woman wants us sexually.

So, therefore, this means the sugar relationships are a mutual ‘usage’ type of thing, or, as we say, ‘mutual beneficial’ arrangement. And as long as we all know it is an arrangement, we don’t really care why they are there. We are there to fulfill a purpose in each other’s life, for the short while that we know each other. Nothing more, nothing less. We give the gifts and the treatment, they give us their attention. It’s nice to be loved. I personally love to be loved and to love back. But sugar isn’t the place to find that sort of thing (with one exception, in my life)

So, like the song says (by Willie Nelson) :

‘Bring along your Cadillac, leave my old wreck behind

If you’ve got the money, honey I’ve got the time


And if you’ve got no more money, honey, I’ve no more time’


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One Response to Why are sugar babies around these older men?

  1. Chrissie says:

    It’s almost like asking the SD if they will want their SB when they’re neither young nor beautiful. That’s just not going to happen, for now at least.

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