One of my sugar rules went bye bye

I have violated so many of my own sugar rules, at times. Many of those sugar rules can be seen throughout my amazing book, ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’, one of the few books on sugar written with a man’s perspective on things. One of those rules was that I wouldn’t see anyone where I was basically supporting their lifestyle 100%. For example, the dirt poor girl in Houston I have blogged about before, who sold her music equipment and her camera to raise cash.  I would just feel awful starting anything with her, like I was taking advantage of that individual’s misfortune.  On the other extreme, I wouldn’t see anyone who was under the impression that I was going to be the major provider in their lives (I already have a wife) and basically assume the financial responsibility for their lifestyle. For example, I had one lady with a child say to me once ‘Well, you know, and if he gets really sick you could be there to assist with $10,000′. I really don’t like it when people try to guilt me out of money by using desperation or diseases, real and imagined, to receive an allowance. That’s very shady…

Yet there were cases I can remember where I did assume the role of provider in some way. Which I didn’t mind, given the fact they needed the help. After a while though it did not feel right. I already have a wife, as I have said previously.  It did not feel right because I thought to myself: ‘Why not give the money to a real charity? Or to my young son for his college?’.  I have a lot of money…but that came through a lot of hard work and some pretty long weekdays away from family. Like someone said: first generation wealth gets conserved and passed on to our heirs because we are successful in avoiding scammers or even well meaning SBs who try to make us part with our money. i.e. being selective is key.  Or being now retired from sugar is another way, lol. If I ever was to get back into all of this, I would see someone where I would feel we are more like equals, i.e. she would already have at least some of her own money from elsewhere. This way she wouldn’t grab me for dear life. I don’t mind helping obviously, but knowing someone only has 1 bra and is counting on me to buy her second one, makes me feel strange. It also places a strange dynamic into the relationship.  One of guilt, and resentment on my part. Why should I be someone’s main provider? In the end we have to fend for ourselves. Who will take care of me if I am in a desperate need? Uncle Sam? Nope..just family I hope and my own two wits.



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  1. Great post, David. I never made a lot of money, or have a lot of money. I set a limit on what I would contribute to a SB’s life/lifestyle, and those who couldn’t accept it didn’t get to be with me. The girl I spent three years with wanted twice the money we ended up agreeing on, but once she saw I was loyal and respectful (and great in bed), she stuck with me. It says right in my profile “If you’re looking for a Sugar Daddy with whom you can enjoy some sort of ‘Entourage-like’ lifestyle, that won’t be me.”

    Similarly, I always felt it was wrong of me to get involved with very needy women. Whatever the circumstances, I never wanted to hear, “I am totally broke and really need help with my rent or I’m going to get kicked out of my apartment.” I pass on those girls immediately.

  2. Meda says:

    All that shows is that you have heart that’s good but I understand where you are coming from

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