Why was I hung up on that girl

Downtown LA SD asked why was I so hung up on her even though she was so much younger. Well, she once told me I was her soulmate. I believe that was indeed the case because I felt it as well. Even when I tried to leave she would come after me and not let me leave. I think it’s fair to say that Downtown and I have met our fair share of individuals. How many of those would come after us when we tried to break it up? Not many, I bet. They would just complain a little bit and then let it go. College literally came after me. Even after we had a break for a few days she would get back in touch. And she was so sweet I couldn’t stay away. She was real and never pretended she liked me. Men may seem stupid, but we know right way when someone is faking their interest just to get in our wallets, c’mon (the oldest trick in the book). Her emotions were true. If this came from a 30 year old I would be suspicious. In her case she was so young and not jaded, it was all real and you could just tell by body language, facial expressions, the way she described things. So when I told her ‘I will never meet anyone like you’ I was 100% serious and I meant it. Hence all the blogs about her. She even wrote me 2 love letters (handwritten!). I think only one person in my entire life had done that before, and that was ages ago.
In the end, it was little things that ended it. And to top it all off: I walked into my building and ran into an acquaintance of the family: ‘Be careful my friend, I saw you talking to a young girl on 10th street. So be careful that’s my neighborhood’. I was totally embarrassed. Never been so embarrassed in my entire life!! WTF? My excuses about ‘my assistant’ were a bit hollow, even though I do have assistants. This in addition to the other times when folks from work saw me and thought she was my daughter!

Anyways, I hope in the future, as she is starting her real life now, she will exercise good judgment and only hang out with quality people. ‘I wanted you to see me become someone’ she told me once. He He He, I WILL Google her in a few years to see what she became.

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  1. duh? says:

    tsk tsk..there you go again judging older women. for some reason you act like younger women are different and innocent. I was once young too so don’t underestimate them.

  2. @duh: I am not judging older women nor do I have anything against anyone of any age. I am an equal opportunity discriminator. However, on average, I still think someone who is 20 is less jaded by life than someone who is 30. So when a 20 year old says something as riveting as she did I tend to believe it.

    • duh? says:

      a 20 year old said something riveting? LOL you’re perception of young women is appalling. 20 year old’s can be just as jaded as older women. hell, most people in this messed up planet are jaded. there are a lot of young women that have a lot of baggage and issues. you say you don’t discriminate but yet you make comments that beg to differ. you seem to have young women on a pedestal but older women are treated as damaged goods.

      by the way, I watched a talk show that had Cougars on it and the way they talk about older men is the same way you talk about older women (maybe worse). it’s pretty sad actually. so much discrimination towards each other over age.

  3. David — I appreciate your answering my question this way. I do want to address a few things you write. Having read your whole blog and part of your book, I know that your resistance to beautiful young girls is (like mine), very low. Any young girl, with her non-jaded approach to life, who can pull off sincerity to a convincing degree can hook us in fairly short order. And, let’s face it, you were hooked because she was young, hot, charming, intelligent, and most of all, INTO YOU!

    As for the young vs. old discussion in your comments, I would posit that young women are also not matured by life. I don’t necessarily see that as “jaded.” My Hayden was 22 when we met, and like you, I was hooked pretty fast. After three years together, she ended it horribly badly. We were 25 years apart, and I under-appreciated the significance of that age gap. I was married, divorced, married again, had two children, and won and lost more than one fortune in that amount of time. To her, that time is vapor, less than even a thought in her mind. In retrospect, I don’t see that as non-jaded; I see that as immature.

    For College to tell you that she wanted you to see what she would become sounds great, and sounds like a girl who had developed a strong, even introspective, emotional connection to you. But look what you risked to enable it: you were spotted with her by both family acquaintances and co-workers. That’s some scary shit there, brother.

    As a Sugar Daddy, I have been spotted just once, and got an STI that nearly cost me my marriage. All because I was careless and believed my Sugar Baby was more mature than she was. I now understand what’s at stake here, and I am now much more careful. I’ve gravitated toward women who have more experience, and way more insight into life and relationships. No more party girls. But don’t mistake that for my being attracted to much older women. That’s not happening!

  4. Alas, our time decay is rather quick, due to our age group. For a 20/21/22 year old ‘future’ and ‘forever’ is 3 weeks away. For us, it’s yet something else. This time warp thing is what is the killer in these relationships. Or at least one of the killers..

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