Are you seeing a married guy?

A reader of this blog sent me an email stating she is seeing an SD who is married. She said they were starting to enter the phase where they were having feelings for each other and he told her they are getting emotionally attached. He said he regret he didn’t meet her years earlier etc, and he wished he could spend more time with her. She wanted my opinion on this.
Well, it’s hard on everyone, at the end of the day. When a married person says ‘I wish I met you earlier’ or ‘I wish I was 25 instead of 45′ he probably means it. It doesn’t mean necessarily he thinks he is married to the wrong person. He probably just means that he really likes this 25 year old girl, and if he was also 25 perhaps this thing of theirs would last longer than it will. By definition, the married guy will always go back to the lady he married. It’s only right, and its only fair to her (unless he is in the process of divorcing anyway). As they say ‘You have to dance with the girl you brought to the dance’ and the lady always gets her man. This reader also wondered what would precipitate the ‘expiration’ of their relationship. It could be a number of different things. Maybe she would get bored of this older man after a year of seeing him. Or maybe he would have a change of heart, because he would have a guilty conscience. There is only so much he could take, and at some point he may break and just say ‘Forget everything, I am quitting and going back home to the wife’. Or maybe they would be spotted by the neighbor who would then threaten to tell the wife of his affair with a younger woman. Any one of the above could spell the end of the affair. Might as well enjoy it as long as it lasts. A lot of times people get lost in each other. That happened to me recently. But the reality and harshness, of life, sometime, hits home. Not everything is pretty, or ideal, or how it should be. Just make the best of it, I guess, if you can handle it. Prepare to be disappointed at some point though. And I know this reader’s SD will also be disappointed but c’est la vie.  This young lady will indeed meet others in her lifetime (obviously) and the SD will cherish the memories they made together.  Good luck Elle.

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