Sugar Baby moved in with her Sugar Daddy

A SB who was following my blog a while back sent an email saying she loved one of the posts that talked about the connections that may evolve between SDs and SBs.  She said the following:

‘I realized the reason it became dangerous was because I could see him and think of him as a potential partner. It wasn’t at all about shopping or restaurants. He was a person I could spend hours talking to across the kitchen table and never get bored. Some of the best dates were just us watching movies or playing board games. Perhaps it was the furniture shopping that did it. Choosing out what pieces would go into his place and seeing it all there. It felt more like a space for us had been created than him inviting me to his home. Honestly, it was odd walking in the other day and seeing it all once again. It felt like coming back home’

She ended up moving in with her SD, who was in his 40’s and single. At first it was a move made out of convenience as she graduated from school and looking for a job at the same time, but then it became different. For a SB to even consider moving in with her SD was a big step anyway. I wonder if they are still living together. Here was a lady of 22 who split, for unrelated reasons, with her bf, and moved in with the older man. She had reservations about how society would see this relationship. She also had reservations about seeing an older man in such an intimate way and was concerned what would become of it in the future. After all, like she said ‘The future with someone her own age would be different than the future with someone 20 years older’.

I wonder what became of her

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4 Responses to Sugar Baby moved in with her Sugar Daddy

  1. Mocha says:

    I moved in with my SD!!! Mistake. I like stablilty and didnt want to worry about looking for guys to help me out during school. Its minutes from my school, but I have jealousy I have never had before. He still uses the site. When I joined his “friend” magically informed him. And I was ordered to remove the profile immediately and threatened to be kicked out. We sleep together almost everyday. Is it fair?

  2. Hmm a tough one, BUT: Fair or not, he IS providing you with a house while you are in school. As we know, housing is the biggest single expense people have. So financially speaking you are getting a good deal. As for the jealousy feelings: it doesn’t hurt to talk to him in a calm and serious way and explain how feel about him. Just make sure you express your gratitude though. You don’t want to piss him off and be kicked out either. Plus, are you sure he is actually looking to date others? Maybe he is just in the site to browse around but not seriously looking. After all, he has made a pretty big investment in you: he allowed you in his personal space for an indefinite period of time.

    That being said, you need to plan ahead: i.e. what happens if he decides to kicked you out. Make sure you have saved off enough $$ for 3 months rant at least, and ask him to compensate you if you end it with him or at least give yo8 enough notice so you can find a suitable place

  3. This is why every young woman needs to be independent, regardless of if there is a SD, boyfriend, fiance or husband. Please start packing up, your exit will not be pleasant. Like David said, you can have a mature conversation about the status of your situation with him in terms of the arrangement/relationship. It helps you guage where is heart and mind are. To begin with, your moving in has set the stage of boredom for this man; it was more alluring and exciting when you two could meet up on the whim, now you are in his house like clock work with no significant role other than to have sex with him; which in reality he can get anywhere and is probably why he is browsing the websites, trying to test the waters and see what new flavor is on the market. You on the other hand is emotionally immature as expected for your age, which I will presume is very early 20’s. To not stir the pot you are now going to over compensate and put your emotional, mental wellbeing in jeopardy so you are not kicked out. that is not grounds for a relationship to be successful.
    So please plan and be smart and this should be the lesson for you to focus on your future and goals regardless of a sugar daddy or not. You are not a wife, who he is obligated legally, morally and ethically to support whether she works or not.
    Good luck! I was not trying to put you down, focus on the message not the messenger as my sweet mother would say. Have a blessed day!

  4. what happened to my comment?? Maybe it was too harsh.

    Anyway, i will respond and it is similar with david’s. Do not feel offended or reprimanded, listen to the message; do not worry about the messenger. This is the very reason I want women regardless of age, race, creed, socioeconomic status or education to find something that can give them independence and empowers them; It is the only form of security that is certain as it is your power and efforts; no one can ever take that from you.
    Like david said you should have the conversation with him to guage where is heart and mind are; it will give you some degree of assurance but never the less, the relationship for him has evolved from one of fun, spontaneity to one of routine, you have moved in, taking up the role of “wife”; not contributing in any financial way other than to provide physical comfort which in his mind he can get anywhere and is why he may be browsing websites to see what is new and hot on the market; that is only my presumption. If you were is wife, he is then morally, legally obligated to meet your needs whether you work or not, since you are not then it is not expected.
    As david also said; you have to be prepared in case you have to leave, so start now to organize and have a plan in motion so you have an exit that will be smooth for you.
    My concern is you are now at this point were you are dependent on him that you will be over compensating your emotional and mental needs so as not to stir dust and that is not grounds for a very good relationship. Relationship has to be a mutual affair and you should not be hostage to expressing your thoughts and feelings.
    So you have work to do, i wish you well and hope it turns out great for you at the end.

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