The way I perceived her had changed

After being with her for a long time, something had clicked and the way I perceived her became different. Much closer, and my comfort level with her had changed tremendously all of a sudden. Unusual things can indeed happen along the way of sugar….but then again she was not really an SB, rather a lover and friend who I helped out when needed.

SDs and SBs should think about what happens when the relation eventually turns into something else. My guess is they would just leave, since the whole premiss of sugar dating is NSA. I decided to stay and let myself go, as risky as that was.  I always liked experimentation at the edge of feelings and relationships. But she was much more than just an ‘experiment’. She had become important and her sweetness was contagious. Decision time..


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5 Responses to The way I perceived her had changed

  1. Lolita says:

    I think it’s fun to step the other side and take a risk! Romance is indeed exhilarating and addictive.

  2. Yes Lolita, it is fun. A bit risky, but fun

  3. Totally agree there. I step over the line all the time. Sugaring is no fun unless risks are being taken.

  4. Alayna says:

    I’m finding all these SD perspectives fascinating. It seems sugaring sets specific boundaries in order to contain the relationship so as to not progress towards something more than the arrangements. Boundaries always seem to meant to be pushed and explored (b/c where else would the fun be!)…so I say fascinating b/c my gentleman seems to find what we have (which is something else entirely-a Relationship) more honest than engaging in sugar, which perplexes me.

  5. Kit SB says:

    My relationship with my SD is so beyond a sugar relationship. It’s just like a real relationship. Yes the sugar is still there! It’s almost like we are boyfriend and girlfriend now.

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