Who knew about my involvement in sugar

Someone asked.  As mentioned in the blog, my old friend ‘Jared’ knew, sort of.  He was the type of guy who would try a different adventure in every country he visited. Or, the guy who would have acquaintances that would be able to find anything from weed, to smuggled pistachios and everything in between.  I never really told him all about my sugar escapades, he just knew that I dabbled in it every now and then, without knowing any details.  My brother also knew as much: I dabbled, on occasion.  So you see how secretive all this really was.  The various doctors I visited for my regular annual checkups and std testing: it was none of their business to ask anything so I didn’t really care.  One guy of course exclaimed ‘Who are you having sex with’.  I was shocked he would ask, but in my coolest demeanor I said calmly and professionally ‘Long story’.  It really is a veeery long story, lol.  In another embarrassing situation I had my annual std test, the doctor was a lady in her late 30’s and part of her routine exam was a hands on inspection of my privates.  I am a bit prudish about these things (the last female medical professional to inspect my penis was the school doctor when I was 11) , but I was a sport and dropped my undies and had her take a close look at Mr. Happy. I would have preferred it was a male doctor but what the heck.  The things we have to go through….but its all good, its for our health.  She asked how old was my partner, and I said: ’20 ma’am’ blushing a bit due to the age difference.  And then the other doctor who asked if I am still married. I said ‘Separated’. Then, he too, asked about my ‘partner’ and I said ’21’. He then asked me if she knew how to make lasagna, to which  I responded ‘I doubt it’.  He also offered some sound medical advice ‘Enjoy her!’

Anyways, back to this secret double life thing.  Yeah, no one knows about it except for this blog.  The blog, therefore, and the readers who email me, has become a venue in which to vent or discuss, or talk about my little stories.  The only person that found out over time, because I told her a whole lot of these stories and the people involved in person while talking about these things, was College.  One day I will write another book called ‘My year with College’, in her memory and the closeness of the relationship.



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  1. Looks like you are not over college and may never be over her. life is too damn short, if you really are in love with her and can get past her age, maybe you should recharge that relationship and take the plunge to see how it evolves. i am not sure what your marital life is like now, but if that is where your heart is and wants that, why deny that for your peace of mind and overall happiness? Just a thought as i have been there

  2. Funny story. I had a few trusted friends who knew, but now they all think I’m retired. No one else knows now. And I prefer it that way.

  3. @Dr. what if I am still married to a great gal, and I also love College? then what happens?

  4. then you go polyamory, duh?? that is the new type of non traditional partnerships out there but all three of you have to be on the same page for that to happen but like any other relationship it is still going to be a partnership where everyone is contributing something to the union whether it is their time, emotions, money or wisdom so it may not be as rosy a pic as it was with the SD/SB arrangement. if you were in Africa, no problem, marry both women. lol!! From my experience back in my home country, these men end up back to the same first wife that was not as desirable, why? now the sugar baby has turned wife and she is now very vicious and very selfish in her ways and it is all about her and her needs;she now has to take up the responsibility as expected in a partnership but she is not wanting that; do you think she will care if your kid from your first wife is in the hospital? I do not think so. it is of no relevance to her; unlike with the first wife she understands the grind of her husband and what his struggles are. the grass is never really that green on the other side when things get serious or situation changes such as financial setback or health scare. one relationship is good enough for me, I am at my best and can give my best wholesomely. it is why I see this SD/SB connections as not serious and just been what they are for, games and fun.

  5. @Dr Issy: as usual you are correct. If we were both single, I would marry you. What’s your ring size? 6.5 I am guessing

  6. oh so sweet and gracious of you david; i am flattered. i can only just imagine that now. my ring size is not 6.5, but all the same thanks for the kind compliment.

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