I have a client

As soon as she uttered those words I knew I been had.  This was after Hurricane Ike which had hit Houston pretty hard a few years back.  I asked her, since I am a curious Bob how many ‘friends’ did she have.  I just asked because I wanted to know who I am dealing with.  Anyway she was a bit evasive which was very telling in my view. But I didn’t really care, at the end of the day.  Then afterwards, perhaps because of the 3 glasses of wine she started talking and said ‘I have a client umm a sugar daddy who is 65 in the Woodlands (a suburb about an hour north of Houston) and I spent hurricane Ike with him for a few days. He can’t perform  sexually so I just sucked his cock’.  A few thoughts went through my mind

1. ‘Oh shit is she an escort? After all she called he SD a ‘client’. How was I fooled like that? She seemed like a regular girl’

2.  Hmm not a bad trade for her, she got some $$ and didn’t have to do any hard work to speak of.

3.  Isn’t 65 a bit too old to be doing this?

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3 Responses to I have a client

  1. Go back and check out that Nightline profile of Seeking Arrangment, where they profile a SD who is about that age and has three girls he supports, total of $15k a month. It’s fascinating.

  2. oh yes, LASD i saw that episode; he had a cabinet for “lost and founds” from the various girls rotationg through his front door and the african american college girl who was juggling 3 SDs across state lines, so mind boggling. i could hardly handle a long distance relationship, how much more SDs across states, she was meeting up with her african american SD at the airport to collect money,not offering up her lady parts in any regard then connecting to vegas to meet up with mormon dude and they were practicing celibacy, that is how to make money; not lying on her back. lol!!

  3. Wow some people are busy!!

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