She was not discreet

And according to a copy of the urban dictionary that College so kindly provided me, she was ratchet: she was under the impression she was a diva and every man’s eye candy whereas in fact she was everything but.

We were walking back from my buddy’s place one evening on a beautiful summer day, and we came across this African American lady, tall wearing high heels and a stripped tight fitting dress.  As we passed by her she was having an argument with an older guy who was sitting in a cab.  She was yelling at him ‘You said you was a millionaire’ among other things and stormed away.  He kept calling her and she finally answered her phone and kept screaming at him while walking ‘Now I am going to take the subway like a broke bitch’. And all this in front of a generally very crowded Meatpacking District in Manhattan.   So she definitely lacked discretion, after all she basically advertised in front of a 200 people passing by that she was having a date with this older SD, and they had an argument and now she was running away.

College said ‘Hey Dave that’s your type, no?’  I said ‘No freakin way’. Too loud for my taste.  I ALWAYS prefer discreet people. I bet what happened was that this was their first date, he took one look at her, maybe had 1 drink and then used some excuse to leave because he couldn’t stand her.  She got pissed because she was expecting the royal treatment and lots of cash, and therein lies the route of her being upset on that evening.

College asked me if I had ever ditched someone after 1 drink.  Well, ‘ditched’ isn’t the right word, after all I try being polite always.  If there is no chemistry I just never call them back.  So I have never ditched anyone for the reason that we didn’t get along on the first date.

I would ditch this individual though because she was not discreet. SDs do need discretion so violating that would be a capital offense in the sugar world.  So advertising the nature of the date out loud is not cool at all.  It’s like saying loudly ‘Ooohhh Dave we need to talk about our arrangement now’ in the middle of the restaurant. No arrangement was to be had on that occasion. Like I told College, just because she was attractive to look at or having nice pictures on a website it doesn’t mean that anything will come out of a first date. What people sound like in person is as important as the looks. I am the type that likes having a connection of some sort, so at the first sign that its not there, I would just tend to leave it at that.

What’s funny is that on her way to the subway, she passed by another guy in a suit, who laughed at her and called her ‘ratchet’ to her face.  She gave him the evil eye and continued her rant on the phone.

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3 Responses to She was not discreet

  1. KANDY says:

    Regardless of ones ethnicity, Any conversations in a loud and arrogant manner by a sugar daddy or a sugar baby is “ratchett”(slang), unprofessional and not cool. You will either comply with your Sugar Daddy’s request, while being respectful or you will realize that this arrangement is not for you.

  2. vuyiswa says:

    Oooh this is so interesting Dave is the kinder Sugar daddy I want

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