One sided talk

When the SB and SDs meet they of course will get down to business sooner or later and have the ‘arrangement’ talk.  But a lot comes before and after that talk.  Don’t you think that after a hard day’s work its nice to be sitting next to a woman that is a good conversationalist? Or being next to someone who can talk more about just what she needs from her SD (i.e. her list of demands).   It’s not a good thing to have a one sided conversation where I would hear myself talk about my day or my interests. Eventually I would get bored because talking is a two way street, not just a one sided rambling.  I remember going for a drink with someone who was a theater professional (acting and producing).  I knew absolutely nothing about theater, but she talked with enthusiasm about her work in a way that made me interested in what she had to say.  I didn’t know that theater productions were complicated endeavours, but the way she explained it, it made sense.  Also, when I was talking about certain dry subjects like investing or money management, she was able to digest that information and ask questions about her own finances and how to go about it. And then again, even when we didn’t talk about out jobs, she was a good conversationalist as well, not only by talking about things but also had the mix of conversation and flirting at the same time: you know, talking while making the right type and right amount of eye contact while drinking a glass of wine.  My point is, when you are with someone like that, who you enjoy talking to and spending time with, the whole ‘arrangement’ talk becomes easier, almost like a side show.  Of course you would like to have an arrangement with someone like that and why not? She was good company, comfortable in her own skin, and it showed.

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  1. I always prefer women who can carry their end of a conversation, but in reality most of the women I meet, by the very nature of how we are meeting, are messed up in some way and consider using their sexuality and good looks to earn some money to solve whatever problems they might have. So, while it’s nice to have an articulate woman, I think it’s just fine that they’re less than super-bright. Having them a little dumb can also be an asset.

  2. Ellen says:

    Dear mr. LA,
    A smart woman knows when to keep her brightness for herself. I wish you to find that type of a woman and I hope you can be very smart to recognize that sex with that type of woman begins and ends way before and after bed. Problem is , completely generaly speaking, that usually that type of woman is not very patient with the average Joe with some money on his pocket and a lack of class.

  3. Dr.Isioma "issy" Ebegbodi says:

    I am with ms. ellen on this point; the biggest sex organ for any woman is between her ears but then i also agree with Mr.LASD, quite a number of women even professional ones do not realize the power we have as just been women, we sell ourselves short and grasp on the superficialities of life and it is why men now unlike men of my dad’s time treat a lot of us including the smart put together ones as though we are all cut from the same cloth as the ladies who are shallow, with not much going for them and looking for men to rescue them so to say in every way, emotionally , financially and even mentally. Ellen sad to say but a number of sugar babies come off that way, reading this blog from SD david’s experiences and some of the responses as well and others.

  4. Cinnamon says:

    Frankly SDs want dumb SBs because they don’t know their value and it allows the SD to feel oh-so-superior to her. I’ve literally seen this happen time and again not only to me. Happily I formed friendships instead of arrangements with some SDs and listening to them and other SBs made me realise that being intelligent is ok as long as a SD thinks I’m insecure or have undervalued myself.

    It boggles the mind that these successful men think I want her to be clever so I can talk to her in a real way and have her be curious about my life but I want her weak and insecure so that I can get away with treating her like a girlfriend and not meet her needs as she is meeting mine. Make no mistake SDs you want your ego buffed and the SB provides and then you want a physical interaction and the SB provides. Look at escorts and this is almost on par with what they do yet a SD thinks I as a SB should be wild about a lovely hotel room, dinner and some small present. I hate to break this to those SDs that’s the same thing I would get on most standard dates from an SB/SD arrangement the onus is on the SB to make sure that the whole experience is fluid and charming and emotionally mature stable SBs do exactly that. So why do SDs get coy when an SBs says I would like to do/have this or that? Some want life experiences, some to reach a life goal and be mentored or some want to be able to afford luxuries they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

  5. Southern Gentlemen says:

    I have been in the sugar world for three years and love it alot. Any SD that wants a dumb SB is a fool in my poor humble opinon. We almost all have wifes. We all are successful. We all are independent. Why on earth would anyone settle for a dumb blond. The best SB that I have every had is a 36 year old Masters canidate and is my equal in the relationship. She doesn’t have a pot to pee in, I supply 100% of her support while she goes to school, but is more than worth my time.

    The best part of the sugar world for me is to have someone that I can share our lives. Who can do that for more than a day with stupid.

  6. udontknowmelikethat says:

    @ Cinnamon-

    I completely agree with your sentiments.

    I think it has to do with the fact that the SDs who want the experience and value of a high quality escort ‘Girl friend experience’, but want to undervalue that are taking advantage of Puritanical cultural norms of the United States.

    In Europe, SDs know full well that they have to pay to play and there is much less squeamishness overall with regard to transactional relationships.

    In the United States, we use sex to sell everything, we judge women’s worth and value by their sexiness or lack thereof, we encourage men and women to be overly promiscuous, yet when it comes down to a transactional relationship, we pretend to be all morally outraged!

    Those SDs are taking advantage of that cultural quirk of ours, unfortunately.
    It really bewilders me how young women in the States offer themselves so easily and quickly to men who care very little for them beyond having their physical needs met, then the women cry about being “used”. The European women are much more pragmatic, they are willing to provide casual sex only in exchange for a mutually beneficial arrangement, be it short term or ling term.

    The young women of the US could stand to lear n a thing or two from their cousins across the pond…..

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