I was very disturbed by a text

I received a very troublesome text message once, a while back, which I still remember because it was very disturbing.  She was a 19 year old lady, we were seeing each other, but never had sex. There was a connection, but due to her young age or other factors that were going on in the background in her personal life she was getting depressed.  One night she told me she almost drank down a whole bottle of aspirin to basically bump herself off!!!

I was shocked, needless to say. Here I was taking a nice little stroll on a beautiful evening and I got this text.  I was so furious at her that I texted and called her and basically told her to forget those types of thoughts.  She proceeded to tell me about what hold I have on her. And this was even without and sexual relations which bring two individuals closer! I told her that she needs to seek professional help and promiss me she would do that.  Eventually she calmed down but the liaison ended a short while later after I asked her to really evaluate everything.  She also got the professional help she needed

The conclusion of all this is: Ladies, no man is EVER worth harming yourself over. Not a boyfriend, not a husband, certainly not an SD. OK?

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2 Responses to I was very disturbed by a text

  1. Preach david, preach!! Thank you for pushing her to seek the much needed help she deserved; you just saved a life.

  2. Yup. when I hear really young people, who are supposed to have so much to look forward to, talk like that I get annoyed

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