GFs to SBs

I have been asked so many times:  ‘David how did you get started in the sugar lifestyle?’.  Well, I was seeing this lady outside of sugar.  We were seeing each other for a number of years, on and off, and at one time she became a single mother. It was during that time when she asked me for financial assistance for the first time ever and I gave it to her.  That was my first sugar baby allowance experience.  It felt strange I have to admit, to be asked by a gf to pay her some $$ in order to help with bills. I liked her enough so I did it and I also felt bad because she was a single mother.  It did feel a bit weird tough, at least at first.  I felt weird being told ‘Hey I need you to help me out with a few things’.  It felt like blackmail actually. The only reason I agreed is because I have a soft spot for single mothers (my grandma was one).  The transition was interesting to say the least. Something inside me led me not to trust her anymore as much, even though I stayed with her for a long time after that, on and off again.  I felt flattered in a way because she though enough of me to ask me for help.  But I also thought to myself, the suspicious guy that I am that tries to find an angle to everything: ‘If she does that to me, I imagine she may also have others that she asks for money as well’.  Hence the mistrust…

I have another blog post currently in draft form, called ‘SBs to GFs’. Also a very interesting one that provokes a lot of feelings and thoughts in me.  Both of these topics are very interesting actually.  Even though one of my sugar rules is not to mix sugar relationships with real life relationships, I have violated that rule a couple of times.

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