Live and learn

They say that everyone is our teacher.

There was this girl I met once, and she was very young.  She taught me a lesson, something I had forgotten in time.  I loved her but had a funny way of showing it.  She trusted me and I betrayed her trust. Why? Well, self centered Dave took over. I wasn’t able to see beyond my own self and at the same time I didn’t fully know what was going on with the whole thing (was I temporary?). Not an excuse, just saying.  Reminded me of something else when I was walking around in jeans, Black Sabbath shirts,  and Timberland boots, when I also did something inexcusable as well (cryptic but makes sense to me, this is a multipurpose vent blog). Its nice to have a conscience, of course even nicer not to screw up in the fist place…

Even after that she gave me a second chance and made me think about second chances. Through that she showed how big her heart was, and I told her people like that are rare. I should know, I have met all kinds and I have to say that most are not of that rare quality.  Those of that rare quality always win in the end, in this world and the next one.

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