I’m scared

She said. ‘Don’t be’, I replied and with that I gave her a nice kiss on the lips.

We were in the men’s room at a nice hotel in the Flatiron district.

How did we end up in there? Well: it all started one evening…. I remember it as if it were yesterday…

We always liked to go to their restaurant, as every dish we tried tasted great. Mmmm, the rainbow trout was so good.  They made it crispy, but with a creamy sauce as well, giving it a velvet like texture.  That night though, we went downstairs to the lounge, where in the evenings they have a live Jazz trio, put our feet up, legs touching under the table, and relaxed while having a few drinks.  I asked her since when did she find out she wanted to have a relationship with an older man, and she responded that she wanted it since the age of 10.  Then I asked what here expectations were from that, to which she said ‘What we have now’.  I obviously really liked having that discussion with her, felt very comfortable, and liked looking at her thighs in that tight set of pants.

After our drinks were done I told her: ‘Why don’t we go to the men’s room?  This place is not too crowded and everyone is paying attention to the live music anyway. No one would see us’.

She overcame her fear and headed into the men’s room after me. We found a nice stall near the entrance (people usually head for the stalls toward the end, as they enter the  bathroom anyway, so…).  I gave her a kiss and pulled down her pants after undoing her belt. Then I pulled down mine and had her suck my cock. Which, by the way, felt so good.

After a bit of that I made her face the wall and then entered her from behind and had sex doggie style, one of my favorites.  The sight of her round rear end made me very excited,  I always thought she had an amazing butt. Didn’t last too long that way and I came in her mouth. The best!  She kept  saying how scared she was, and then on the way out I noticed the cameras right outside the men’s room!  What was that all about…If the security guard came I would have said ‘Well, officer, its all her fault, she ended up in the wrong bathroom…she totally took advantage of me, I am just a defenseless old man..’  Or something like that.

Just at that time the show ended, so our timing was impeccable.  And luckily no one came into the men’s room while we were there. Well one guy did before we got started but he only washed his hands real quick and then left.

On the way out it was so good to walk next to her, especially after a great orgasm..I loved walking with her in the streets of New York.  And, she introduced me to bubble tea.  I never had that before but we came across this place where she bought some, which she promptly started sharing with me.  What a sweet gal she was and I will never forget her, she would be so open and honest with her emotions, the way someone who is 20  would be. But it wasn’t just her age. Its just who she was: a very sincere person whose heart was in the right place.  And to think I had misunderstood her for such a long time…Sometimes my radar can be so off.. Notice how this post started off as being sexual but ended up being a bit more contemplative.  I wonder who she would marry, if at all, years from now and whether she would remember any of this. Or would it all be like a childhood memory where one remembers snippets like photo shoots and nothing else

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7 Responses to I’m scared

  1. Oksana says:

    Breathtaking…David, I live vacariously through your blogs…

  2. Nice story. Euphoric recall…

  3. Very intriguing; please do not kill us with suspense, who was this? college?
    i need to find my baby, we both need to be in a men’s restroom like yesterday, lol!! now something he and i can both do this weekend to keep the magic and spice sizzling, thanks for the tip, david. things you learn from a blog.

  4. KittyKat says:

    My guess is it was college. He talks about her differently than any of the others…I would bet money on it in fact…

  5. KittyKat says:

    Like I said, you write differently about her. You started of remembering “like it was yesterday”. Your stories about her are more intimate, even when they involve sex. And the way you talked about loving taking walks with her – you’ve said that in other posts about her mostly. That and I’m an intuitive person. I just..know things sometimes. :)
    Thanks again for sharing. Super hot.

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