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Let’s see if any one is paying attention:



Lets’ see how good you are


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  1. Lih says:

    Were you a virgin when you got married?

  2. @Lih: No, I was not a virgin when I got married. I lost it many years before I got married

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi David,do you have any experiences with an petite/Chinese 20 something yr old? Do man likes this particular type of gal ( base on where you from)?

    • Hi Jenny — I have had experience with petite Asian girls — Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and now Filipina — and I have found that there is some sort of cultural gap with a lot of them around sex. I’ve enjoyed it, but I prefer Asian women who are more Americanized.

  4. @Jenny: I have some experience, although she wasn’t petite, lol. It all depends on individual taste. Some people like that type, me don’t

  5. Dave, you’ve been extremely active in the sugar life in the past. How did that level of activity with multiple SBs affect your sex life at home? Did you have better sex, or did you find yourself less interested over time?

  6. @Downtown: yes was active, and, on hindsight a bit too active for my own good. How did it affect my sex life: at first it did not. Toward the end I have to say, as the missus lost some interest in the whole sex thing at the same time, the sex life with SBs did affect me. I don’t blame the missus for not wanting too much sex, she was going through things. At the same time I was going out with SBs (cause and effect? who knows). I once saw a saying, in a book that went like this: ‘Love and lust don’t always show up with the same person’. Whats interesting is that with the missus I had both of those, for the longest time. So what happened? drifting… sad…

  7. Lila says:

    What advice would you give to a soon-to-be college grad who wants independence (financially speaking, but also from family)?

  8. Kris says:

    So did you ever figure out what SBs are looking for?

  9. @Kris: oh yes. I met many different kinds of SBs. I didn’t have relationships with all of them but at least we talked and through those conversations, no matter how brief, I saw how their minds worked. This could be another blog post by itself, but here is a summary. Some were just looking for cash, like a business transaction. Others were looking for a real relationship, and the cash/gifts on the side was a nice bonus too (I liked those!). Yet others had deep rooted daddy issues they were trying to resolve through dating older guys

  10. Kris says:

    I think you summed it up pretty well! Do you think sugar daddies also fall into similar classes/motives?

  11. At the risk of asking too much — are you ever worried that someone reading this, someday, might recognize the real you?

  12. @Downtown: the thought has crossed my mind that maybe one of my assistants (for example) may find this blog and maybe recognize something. But in general I have tried to always use nicknames, locations, restaurants that are not exact in their name or are in a totally different part of town this way the geography will be thrown off.

  13. @Kris: SDs fall in similar categories too. For example, I think most of at least 60% of SDs see this as an escort service of some sort. Period. Or just play games. And that’s the feedback I have gotten from SBs emails to me. The reason: because our society considers this same as escorting (purely sex for money).
    And then the smaller percentage is looking for someone to spend a lot of time with and mentor the right ones because they enjoy spending the time with someone younger to show the ropes to.

    • Mariana says:

      I was wondering if you could go into the specifics of mentorship? I’m going to graduate soon and this was the first thing that caught my eye as a potential SB.

      • Interesting…depends on the mentorship one would be interested in. It could be career related, financial tips, or just entertainment and travelling together. Up to the individuals to decide what works for them

  14. @Kris: by the way, you have read my amazing book ‘Sugar Daddy diary’ haven’t you?

  15. Kris says:

    Yes I read it with great interest. Very well written and insightful. You remind me of a married SD I once dated in many ways. I felt like I was in his head when I read your book. It changed me forever! Thanks and let me know where I can send the egiftcard because I’d love 2 buy you a whiskey 😉

  16. amor says:

    Hi David,

    thanks for the insight. I am totally new to this, although I almost always dated older guys- they seemed more interesting. However, something has changed and the guys I meet are just not exciting enough anymore and I am not a girl for second best, I want more…so I did some research of the online dating field and by chance I came across these SD sites and suddenly I got interested as the texts were much more appealing than on those common dating sites…so here I am.
    I was wondering if you, as an experienced guy, could advise me with few things: I am from Europe, but would like to date (and travel with) SDs from LA or Frisco, NY perhaps, but in the description you supposed to put where you live only, so potential USA- SDs will not even find me…Should I put therefore e.g. LA and explain that later- or SDs date just girls from their city? So, I will have to move there first perhaps…?

    If I would fly over for a date I was thinking to check the guy up beforehand, having his passport copy and the company he works at, but you wrote in some article that they are usually not willing to give even their real surname, so it is potentially a huge risk for a girl- he could be a raper, murderer or a 9yr old kid:) Or non-married guys are ok to give this info out? What would you advise me to do to be on the safe side? Is there a way to check SDs?

    Could you also advise me on some SD dating sites, where guys are not interested just in going for a meal and then after to a hotel, but in some perhaps more memorable experiences especially with cultural-fun-worldwide travelling? Would appreciate it.


  17. Frustrated says:

    It seems like most of the men contacting me want to play games. I can understand someone seeing my pw-protected pics, figuring that I’m pretty, but they wanted someone different than my type… and not replying. It’s rude, but I understand. But when someone sees my pics, views my profile, sends a couple of emails, and then disappears (but shows up as viewing my profile again), especially after telling me how interested they are, it’s weird. Or when they send winks, favorite me, or similar… only to snarkily respond (or not respond at all) when I send a quick message saying something nice about their profile, and how I saw they favorite-ed me, and I’d like to know more about them.

    A lot seem to just be pic collectors, begging for nude pics. Or they only want to talk dirty, and can’t handle interaction that’s flirtatious, with double-entendre, but not outright J.O. material.

    I’ve heard a Pot SD tell about how some potential SB had the nerve to expect him to pay for her dinner on their first date at a cheap chain restaurant.

    I’ve had Pot SDs tell me how the girls on these sites all seem to be “bitches” whom expect gifts or allowance or travel from them, in exchange for their time and companionship, and they’re wealthy guys just wanting to meet a nice girl. And while they might like to give gifts to the deserving, a nice girl wouldn’t expect anything, even after regular sex and hanging out.

    Some POT SDs are broke dudes without the personality, looks, or other appealing traits to attract a woman. They think that an SB is like a discount prostitute; some gullible pretty young thing they can bring flowers, and give an allowance of a couple hundred bucks per month (paid *after* an audition, of course), and she’ll have crazy unprotected shenanigans with him. Seriously?

    Where are all the real SugarDaddies? I don’t mean the ones in my neck of the woods, or those looking for someone my type, but the ones not playing games?

  18. Frustrated says:

    Amor: You can use (usually not free) background check services, or searches like Google with the information you have (email, phone number, city and nickname), to find out details. One man Potential SD I chatted with had warnings about him being a scammer, posted all over the web! Others have turned out to legitimately be small business owners, high-ranking management in big companies, etc….

    You can use also use Tin Eye reverse image search on their pictures (www.tineye.com). I found out that one guy’s “recent photo” was from the mid-90s!

    Being discreet is one thing, but not looking out for your safety (especially if you’re travelling to another state to meet them) is another story.

  19. Not Evelyn says:

    I recently started talking to a man that i would consider a pot SD. When we speak he makes certain remarks that suggest that he plans on making this long term arrangement. Though it would be nice, it is not probable. Why is he telling me this? From your experience what is the longest “relationship” you had with a SB?

  20. @Not Evelyn: the average relationship I say, lasts about 3 to 4 months. The one I had with Tina from Texas was SB plus a friend ship and that lasted on and off a couple of years. I have also heard of others last up to 4 years, but I think that is not the norm.
    If something lasts 6 month that would be a good thing. For curiosity sakes, you may want to ask him what he meant by ‘long term’. Is it months, is it years? What is his definition? And has he done this before or is he new at it? If he is brand new then he might be misleading himself as to the length of these relationships

  21. Not Evelyn says:

    What are more common questions to ask when meeting with a pot SD for the first time? What should I be asking him? and what might he ask me?

  22. Lolita says:

    How old were you when you got married?

  23. Femmy says:

    Did your misses know about your SD/SB relationships?

  24. KittyKat says:

    Do you think you will ever tell her? When you are both old and gray and it doesn’t matter anymore? Or do you an on taking all of your dirty little secrets to the grave?

  25. Sofia says:

    I really need help with asking for allowance and I don’t know how to talk when they ask me “what do u expect from me?” can you please give me many tips to handle this!


  26. KittyKat says:

    Wow…they are so dirty you won’t even admit them on an anonymous blog, eh? Saucy…you’ve got to write them down somewhere…so someone can enjoy the dirt after you’re long gone…put them in a time capsule and bury it or something. :)

  27. Dan says:

    What was you r approximate annual budget for Sugar?

    Seems like overhall a pretty good sum…

  28. G says:

    Hey David, did you always use a condom with SBs, even if you got them tested? My new SD and I are having it safe but I have a feeling eventually he might ask me if it’s ok without one (don’t all men want that lol). Since it’s sugar dating I don’t think I’ll ever believe he is being monogamous with me even if he claims to be. What advice would you give me?

    • more often than not, yes I did. I cant claim a 100% record though. Usually I get tested every year at least and ask they do too. By the way, many (or most) women also prefer no condoms, makes them feel better they say.

  29. June says:

    Hey David,
    First off all, thanks for the blog. Very entertaining. So far not successful finding a good SD for myself.
    Anyway I am a female college math major, about to graduate after one semester. How hard is it to get into the finance after graduation if one doesn’t have a finance degree? I always thought I’ll go to graduate school, but recently changed my mind because of the financial pressure. So I have no freaking idea where to start.
    Can you give me a few pointers to get started? Should I email you?
    Sincerely, June

  30. D Mac says:

    Am I a horrible person for just wanting a sugar baby that I can meet with for a couple hours every month for some conversation and sex afterwards? I feel like I’m treating them like an escort if I don’t want to make a monthly arrangement.

    • You are not horrible at all. There is nothing wrong with a man wanting some companionship, and spoiling his woman afterwards. No one said that a monthly monetary advance has to be given. You can spoil your gal each time you meet. I think more and more men & women are ok with this, as long as its done respectfully. Don’t get pressured by anyone, like you MUST have a monthly arrangement going on

  31. Kay says:

    Hey David. How are you? Just a random question: why do you have to justify what the money is for?
    Thank you for the great advice in your posts!

    • Well, you don’t REALLY have to justify the allowance money. It’s just nice for us to know that the money is being used for a good purpose (say, schooling or debt reduction) rather than shoes

  32. Sola says:

    I just read your post on asking for money. My SD and I have a fairly new arrangement but great chemistry, met in person, gotten a few gifts. Ive asked him for help with my rent and he’s said “we’ll work something out” But its now the first and still has not broughten it up. Should I ask again? Or what does that mean?

    • well, to be honest, when he said ‘we’ll work something out’ he didn’t mean that he will try and match your particular rent payment schedule. He just said he will work it out. Maybe he meant he will give it to you in the middle of the month, not the first of the month. Give him a couple of days and then ask again. Let me know what he says

      • Sola says:

        Spoke to him and he said he will help me get close to the amount i need. But that was this morning and hasn’t spoken to me since.

  33. Rose says:

    Hello, I wanted some advice its my first time doing this? does it matter that I’m not very sexually experience?? How does the allowance work ? Im bit worried about the bedroom experience as I’m not experience… I think he must wear a comdons to protective from everything that goes around. is that wrong to ask?? or am I over thinking everything

    • Of course you have the right to ask him to wear condoms, you are not overthinking this. And if you are not experienced …well , try it and see how you like it. If it doesn’t work well you don’t have to do this again

  34. persephone says:

    Hi David, many SD’s want a younger SB. Im 20 but I still find there is pressure to seem more mature in clothes/personality/etc than I might be in casual life. What is your opinion on young SB’s? The perfect match for me would be someone who’s much older and mature but still enjoys having fun

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