Sexy grandpa

Well I was walking home on the way back from lunch today and came across this old guy (70’s?) with a white beard, glasses, a black coat and a black French cap and as we crossed paths he was looking at me.  So it got me thinking. Will I look like that when I am his age? Will I even be alive?  Will I become a ‘sexy grandpa’ like an old SB told me once?  Will I become what some women consider a GILF (grandpa I’d like to fuck?). I wonder what geriatric sex is like. I only had the opportunity once but I turned it down as it felt I would be like going on a date, in public, with my Sicilian grandmother.  I was early 30s and she must have been 70s’.  I would have had sex with her just out of curiosity and after a few beers, but she wanted to out for dinner first. Seen in public with someone of that age group would have made me feel uncomfortable and I told her that, she understood, so we ended the interaction then and there.  I should have gone to dinner with her though, she seemed lonely (a widow) and it may have even made her day. She did indicate she was sexually active and one of the benefits of her age is that she couldn’t get pregnant.  Next time I guess. By now though she might even be close to 90, a tad old for me…

And I just remembered, an old SB I knew in Texas told me I should go out with older women as my sugar momma’s but not necessarily do anything sexual with them, but just to keep them company and brush their hair.  Hmm, dunno about that. I will stick to 20 year olds.

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  1. Dave, that was one funny story. It mystifies me that you would have, while in your early 30s, consented to sex with a woman who might have been older than your mother. I could, if I were starving, eat stale, moldy bread, but I much prefer the fresh-baked variety that feels perfect, tastes delicious, and won’t make me vomit afterwards.

    Got a question for you: did you ever have an exclusive relationship with a SB that did not involve condoms? My current SB is on verified prescription birth control and she wants to work up to exclusivity and full trust, and she would agree to both of us testing together every 60-90 days.

  2. Actually I did have a SB relationship like that. We got tested often so the trust was there. One thing however in this lifestyle, is that one can not really verify or enforce exclusivity so in the end it really boils down to how much do you trust the other person? Enough to take their word for it? I would keep using protection because what happens of she gets a disease in between the 60-90 days of the STD test?

  3. Using condoms would mean that there really isn’t any trust. Personally, it’s getting old to have multiple partners at the same time. My initial goal when starting the sugar lifestyle was to find one good, game, and giving partner with whom I could have regular sex. It’s now morphing into a desire for a life partner, but that’s a different story for another thread! Now that I’ve found this girl, who wants exclusivity, who is open to trust, and who really doesn’t need my money for anything other than to give value to her “putting out,” I think it might be time, slowly, to give real trust a try.

    • Angela says:

      Downtown LA SD,
      When you and/or your SB go to get your test for STDs, make sure you tell the person in charge that you EXACTLY which tests you want. If you do not ask for the HSV2 (Herpes Simplex Virus 2) test (this is the one “down below”), you are not tested for it. If you do ask for it, usually you are tested by the IgM version, which is the one that test for both HSV1 and HSV2. Although this seems to cover both, it can show negative results for HSV2 when a patient actually has it. You want to ask for the IgG test. This test will show if their are any HSV2 antibodies in the blood. Females can also be tested by vaginal swabbing, but that is usually done only when there are physical signs/symptoms.

      There are a select few STDs for which one is actually tested during a routine STD test. Before going in for you test, do your research, decide which tests (STDs) are important to you, then make sure those tests are performed before you leave the doctor’s office/clinic.

      These types of tests usually have to be sent out for the results, therefore taking several days to over a week. Sometimes the results can be rushed and received overnight.

      The CDC actually does NOT recommend routinely testing for some of the STDs.

      The doctor usually decides which STDs in which the patient should be tested. Know your rights, and be tested for any/all STDs in which you may have come in contact (knowingly or unknowingly). Even if you don’t show signs/symptoms of any STDs, still get tested for them.

      Also, and this is VERY important, make sure any sexual partner show proof of clean test results as well. It’s better to hurt someone’s feelings and live than to be nice and end up with something that won’t wash off in the shower.

      Good luck to you and your very special SB! 😀

  4. @Downtown: sounds like you have a good thing in the works. Try it!

  5. Dr.Isioma "issy" Ebegbodi says:

    I do agree with Ms.Angela and David take on things. With what angela said, it is important to get a full panel and yes, the IgM and IgG explanation was spot on, the former is for current infection and the latter is for past infection indicating antibodies. You have to be clear on what you are testing for, not all tests are routine so you need to ask for a complete screening. My thoughts are what if you two going exclusive she decides to go off the birth control; that was to guarantee no accidental babies due to the initial nature of your arrangement but with talks of a relationship/exclusivity that could change. Then as David put it, what happens during the 60-90 day window, there is the risk of STIs; as trust sometimes cannot be guaranteed. These are consequences that need more talk; otherwise do you, be happy but play safe.

  6. Kit SB says:

    I would be most concerned with the pregnancy aspect. Not sure if you’re married Downtown LA SD but that would be a disaster. I like that comment about the shower and washing off lol! I completely agree that using condoms means there’s no trust but cover your bases with the testing first! I am going to be honest my SD and I don’t use condoms. He really trusts me unless he has had a vasectomy that he’s not telling me about. We have been sugaring now for four years and I nor him have anything. The last year has really been a lot more intense. The sugar is still there but love is playing its part. Yikes!

    On a side note: I bought my SD Ugg slippers for Valentines Day cause he needed a nice pair and they have been in his trunk for a week now and he said he doesn’t want “you know who” asking questions like oh where did you get them, etc. especially that its close to Valentines Day. They don’t sleep in the same room and he works a lot so it’s like who cares, she won’t be looking at your feet that much. I am very offended and we got in a fight about it :( I don’t want to fight with him but it bothers me. Kind of like I wish I never got them for him. What do you guys think? I guess I am just too sensitive.

    • Angela says:

      Hey Kit SB!
      You’re right about the condoms and trust, but then again, when it comes to your life and your health, well honestly you can NEVER be too careful.

      About the vasectomy, you can tell on your own if he’s had one or not, just by the taste of his sperm (excuse me for being so blunt). It has a less “salty” taste to it for obvious reasons. There are other ways to tell, if you don’t want to ask him, but I’ve always found that communication and honesty are the best policy.

      And here’s something that is extremely blunt, but it’s what I would say to you in person if we were sitting down face-to-face chatting. SBs of married men have to remember that they are the SBs, not the wives, and only give wifely gifts if permitted by the SDs. The SBs should never enter the home in any form or fashion of the SDs, literally or through some type of token of appreciation. The SD is risking quite a lot to be with the SB already, and by bringing in a trinket or gift of any kind he is only inviting in trouble. Wives notice more than SBs realize. Instead of being upset with your wonderful SD, let him wear the Uggs when he’s with you. You both get to enjoy them together! Also, ask yourself an honest question of what was your real motive for getting the Uggs for him. Do some soul searching and really think about it. You seem to be a wonderful person, so you don’t have to worry about what someone else thinks of you. Love yourself first, Kit SB, so that others may love you the way you deserve. This just means to respect yourself and know you are worth being treated with respect by others.

      Talk to your SD when there’s something on your mind, and you’ll find things are so much better. Men are simple. They like to know what we want, not guess. And they tell us what they want, if only we listen to them. When you and your SD do talk, remember to talk, instead of complain or nag. He can get that from his wife (also, who wants to be around anyone who nags or complains much).

      Good luck to you and your SD! And, just in case things get really busy again for me, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (on the 6th) to YOU!!! 😀

  7. Kit and Angela: as i described in my amazing book ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’ its risky to accept gifts from SBs because wives usually do notice (Ange u are right yet again)

  8. Kit SB says:

    The thing is he asked for the Ugg slippers. I know he can buy them on his own but he’s like you know what you could get me is those. So I got them for him. I guess just to show my appreciation. He does a lot for me. No more gifts for him then! The thing is that the wife knows about me. Shes caught us twice. They don’t sleep together, she’s 400 pounds, they don’t do things
    together but he says he can’t get divorced because his kids. Although they are grown up, married and have their own children!

    I just won’t be buying him any gifts then. I have slept at his house so I’ve been in that way (yikes).

    I didn’t know that about the sperm! Good to know! When we first started our arrangement, we used condoms and now we dont. I guess we trust Each other. I’m actually an RN studying to be an NP.

    Thanks again! Yes, Angela you are very knowledgable. Too bad we can’t sit down for a cup of coffee and you can give me all your advice!

  9. Kit SB says:

    SDD feel free (if able) to forward my email address along to Angela (if willing to take some time to chat).

  10. Dr.Isioma "issy" Ebegbodi says:

    I agree with Ms.Angela, wives pick up on these things, as a wife I know this even when I was only dating when we were in courtship, it is easy to know when something is amiss. I get from your post ( i may be wrong) you are looking for more than what you have arranged with your SD. You may need to do some soul searching as Ms.Angela pointed out, are you seeking a deeper commitment? The man you describe is a grandfather, do you not want a family of your own at some point or a relationship of yours with someone closer to your age or at least not in a relationship with someone else?
    Looks like SD/SB relationships get just as complicated as regular relationships.
    By the way, the semen does not only taste different, it does anyways, with food flavors, temperature and hormonal changes, the big thing to note is the consistency is lighter and it looks more like water, not as milky. The best thing is to ask or just make sure you have birth control. I can bet your whole arrangement may just go kaput when you announce a baby. Like the other lady said, these men go into these things looking for something not at home in the marriage which are no children, no nagging or bickering and a lot of ego stroking. One more thing stay away from the home, you may have to deal with not his wife but their adult children when she tells them and that is not funny. Good luck with everything and your family nursing practitioner degree, from one medical professional to another.

  11. Dr.Isioma "issy" Ebegbodi says:

    one more thing, using condoms is not about trust. it is birth control and for non committed couples for STI prevention. I know patients of mine, married who use that and I used that for sometime as a married woman till I found what worked for my body and my marriage. Trust is deeper, you are depending on the strength of someone’s character which only you can determine.

  12. Kit SB says:

    I feel caught between things. I didn’t want to go to his home. Not like I was begging. He invites me. I feel as if he doesn’t understand the effects his actions can have. I try to shed light on something’s and he just doesn’t care.

    Of course I want a relationship with someone my age but not right now. I don’t have time for regular dating. I don’t want to have any children with him. Kaput is the right word!

  13. Dr.Isioma "issy" Ebegbodi says:

    My dear from my point of view and partly due to my west african culture, looks like SD is turning you into a surrogate housewife, asking you to his home is going to create problems you will not like. You will need to reevaluate things with him or go back to the initial way you both did things and start firm on the agreement.
    What is important like the other writers have said is looking out for yourself, get that degree girl, do not distract from your goals and everything else in your life will fall in place whether is a solid career, relationship or kids. Good Luck! Sky is your limit

  14. I have to agree with the Doctor, she is wise. Kit you need to look out for yourself, and remember: you are not the wife. Nor should you come bewteen a man and his wife. At the end f the day they are stil married, so in my opinion the two (fun, games, arrangement, marriages) shouldn’t cross paths. If he is the one who suggests you go ogver his house and get more into his personal space, you should just decline saying ‘it may not be entirely appropriate’

  15. Kit SB says:

    Thats what I said to him yesterday that things were less complicated when we first started this. And that it would be better to go back to the way things were. He said no he likes it better now, he loves me, and that we didn’t have those feelings for each other and it was impersonal. He seem to have gotten offended. I am very focused on my degree; this isn’t coming in between that. No worries. I just really would rather things be back to how they started. He also said if you were around when I was younger it would have been you I married. Like ok?! I just want things back to how they were. I guess it’s both our faults it got to this :(

  16. Dr.Isioma "issy" Ebegbodi says:

    Hello David, hope the new work week has started on a very rewarding note. Thank you so much for the compliment, more so that it is from someone I am yet to know and meet. I am very honored. Much of that wisdom as you put it, has come from my life experiences, whether it was directly or indirectly; I have allowed myself to be open to learn and take those moments be it the very tragic or sweet ones as the foundation to grow and do better. That is what life should be about, taking time to savor everything, having no regrets and accepting our shortcomings with the intention to mature. I continue to enrich my life by my experiences and those of others, friends, family or acquintances; accepting my failings and wanting to improve so when second chances happen, I come out on top.
    Till later, enjoy your day.

  17. Angela says:

    @ Kit SB:


    (It may be after midnight, but since I’m still awake then it’s still your birthday girlie!)

    Hugs and Kisses with Lots of Joyful Birthday Wishes!!!

    Your Sister in “Sugar,”


  18. Kit SB says:

    Awe! Thanks again! I feel so old! Going out to dinner with my SD tonight for my birthday.

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