I am in excellent shape

Do you smoke?


Do you exercise?

I try 3 times a week

Are you sexually active


How does that feel? do you get dizzy spells or fainting?

No I am fine  (hope they have liked my performance but that is a different story…lol)

The results of your stress test were excellent Mr. Montrose

I was very happy to receive this result as I always get paranoid about doctors.  I liked this guy better: first of all he didn’t stick his finger up the wazoo, and secondly he didn’t tell me I have to act my age like the other guy did last year.  What a relief! Or like the other nut case (a 70 year old semi retired guy) who asked me: ‘So who are you having sex with?’ None of your business pal!

So then this means I can still keep up with the 19 to 25 year old crowd in the areas that matter.  AND, very importantly, I can still drink more than one scotch before getting plastered. I found that beer is making me more drunk than scotch.  Does that make sense?  So if someone wants to get me drunk, just get me 4 beers

Anyways, back to trading, ugly day today

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2 Responses to I am in excellent shape

  1. Dave, do you see Treasuries relaxing their yields anytime soon?

  2. Well, bonds in general and Trz in specific have been in a bull market for 10+ years. If you just look at interest rates their tendency was to go down over the long run. As a trader you would have to be concerned about what can happen going forward, i.e. what would possibly make Treasury yields go down (and prices go up). In my view, nothing. Maybe the longer part of the curve (30 year) can go a bit lower in yield but the 2 to 5 year or even he shorter maturities have nowhere to go but up. That is, barring a short term tail event. I think the trade here is to buy the TBT ETF, which goes short yield long price, if you want to to Treasuries. Otherwise over the ext decade I would think stocks is the place to be, already having experienced a bad decade before now. What are the chances of THAT happening again. I am betting on stocks. Getting lighter on gold as well, but longer platinum and palladium

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