Why do sugar babies go after these older guys?

Thats where the money is? I guess? lol

There are a few categories I can think of:

1. Some really like older men, in the same way I used to go after 40 year old women, at the age of 24, as a matter of preference.  One SB told me once: ‘We don’t like guys our age because they are babies, even at the age of 25. We want someone to show us the ropes not to be figuring out stuff at the same time we do’.  So then how does she find an older guy who would typically be outside her social environment? Get a sugar daddy.  Makes sense to me.  But then you also have to counterbalance the fact that an older man’s body isn’t what it was at the age of 20.  Incidentally I prefer these gals next door types

2. The golddigger: avoid at all costs guys!!  You know the type: mercenaries.  The model looks with the funny accent that will cost you an arm and a leg and you may not even get anything out of it.  A bad trade from the start.  Then again if you are the old Texas billionaire guy who married Anna Nicole Smith when he was 90, God bless you. So what if she married you for the money.  I am sure she fucked him at least once so I guess he died happy!

3.  The one in between the first two. She might be a bombshell, and intrigued by the knowledge or power or the treatment that the older guy can afford (unlike her deadbeat boyfriend) but is not really into older guys, other than the pure monetary benefits and the treatment.  When in bed with you she may close her eyes and imagine you are her bf.  This one might be worth a few dates just for the hell of it but not more than that


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16 Responses to Why do sugar babies go after these older guys?

  1. Kit SB says:

    I’ve always liked older men, even before my sugar relationships. Ok I know my SD is way older than me! Hes the oldest SD or bf that I have had. I guess it’s a greater sense of security too. He’s definitely been there and done that. I feel as if they appreciate a younger girl more. An older guy as an SD can also be a mentor.

  2. As someone whose last SB was 25 years younger than me (she’s now half my age), I can say that there are more than three types. She had the model looks and was a typical LA party girl when we met, but as the years progressed, and she graduated from college and settled into her relationship with a slightly older (by 5 years) boyfriend, she matured and didn’t concern herself as much with money, as her BF was taking care of her too. For us, it was a great hang and great sex, and that was pretty much it. I wished like hell that we weren’t so far apart in age, because I was ready to walk from my marriage and be with her if she’d been 10 years older (or me 10 years younger).

  3. Angela says:

    It has been my experience that (usually) older guys are just more well balanced, behave as gentlemen, and know that going fast is better suited for sports cars and lingering is better suited for parts of the body. It seems the most perfect ages are between late 40s and 50s. Guys who are 47 have been really hot lately! What was going on back then??? And guys in their 50s…wow! Why should I date guys in their 20s and 30s when there are all these intelligent, sexy, well mannered older men patiently ready and roaring to go! Plus, I’m very independent and older guys respect that. Those in their 20s and 30s are still looking to settle down. I enjoy being single and free to travel so much!

    Thank God for older men!!!

  4. @Downtown: I was in a similar situation once, and wished I was a 30 year old single guy. She was 20…

  5. Kit SB says:

    Angela you are so right! Omg! I am only attracted to older guys. I was in the grocery store yesterday and couldn’t help but notice all the hot older men!

    I asked my SD the other day if our age difference bothers him. He said no he loves being with me and it makes him feel ten feet tall. His only concern is how I feel. I really don’t mind what people think of our 40 year age difference.

    • Angela says:

      @Kit SB,

      Age is only a number. Once you have an older guy, you look at the whole world with a new and refreshing perspective. We are all souls on this earth, occupying bodies as our outer shells.

      Men get sexier as they age. As they get older, men grow more confident, and confidence IS the sexiest thing a man can wear!

      You seem to be pretty smart, realizing the only opinion that matters is yours (and your SD’ s, of course). :-)

      • Kit SB says:

        You are so right. I like older men due to the greater sense of security. My dad passed away when I was a baby. I just feel safer and more comfortable with older men. When I was in high school I didn’t even date because I didn’t like guys my age.

  6. Its strange though: i remember going out with 40 year old women while in my twenties, and we would walk into a restaurant and people would give us these long disgusted stares…

    • Kit SB says:

      That’s the thing: it’s more acceptable for an older man to be with a young girl than vice versa. I get those stares from women his age when we are together. I’m going to be 25 in March and my SD will be 65 in June. Possibly one of the larger age gaps in SD history lol His best friend (same age) was on a date with this girl who is 36 years old and we met them out a few days ago. On the way home he was like omg she’s old, everything about her needs work. The thing is she wasn’t that old looking, I would say about 32. He’s horrible lol

      Dave: my SD said he “can’t do everything” in regards to school loans and an apartment. I chose the extra money for the school loans. I think it will be more beneficial in the long run and my schooling will be paid off a lot sooner. I will get nothing out of a nice apartment. Of course he would love to get an apt for me but I’d rather have the $ for school! He said pick whatever is most important. He takes care of my car, food, vacations, etc. In addition ill get some pretty awesome gifts for Valentines Day and my birthday. Any ideas of what I can do for him or get for him for V day? Coming from another SD.

      • tiger59 says:

        cuff links, does he golf? maybe a new driver and golf bag. Plenty of people at golf stores can point you in the right direction.

  7. Angela says:

    Those people were just insecure, SDD. When you are comfortable with your own body then you understand so much more…

  8. @Kit: does he like to read? A good history book would be nice. I like those.. Or subscription to the Wall Street Journal. Just don’t get him another tie, or gloves ok? A shirt? yeah if its a nice one he can wear at work.

  9. Kit SB says:

    Yes he likes to read. Loves to read The New York Post. I bought him three Robert Graham shirts for Christmas. He loves the shirts but didn’t want me spending that much. He could use a decent pair of gloves though. I want to get him something thoughtful.

  10. Syn says:

    I like older men and even though I am only 25, I have always been attracted to men who are 40 and above.I find them more mature, patient and kinder than men my age.I could be wrong, but that is what works for me

  11. Frustrated says:

    Most men under 45 are lacking in courtesy and the social graces that older men are more likely to possess. The younger guys with those skills are typically happily, monogamously married… or are broke.

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