I am in Galveston

WTF? You are supposed to be in Houston, with me, remember?  What a fruitcake she was.  I rang her doorbell at the arranged upon time all excited to see her after a few months and no answer. I texted her and she came back with that: she was at her mothers in Galveston and slept over, and forgot about our date.  Great!!  I told her to get lost.  A few days later she kept texting me while I was at work, and even called me and left a voicemail. She said she didn’t want me to have this really bad impression of her and she really did just forget about our meeting.  I decided to call her back so I stepped into a conference room and gave her a call. I sounded conciliatory and we decided to meet the following Friday.  So I drove back to her place, not a short drive mind you, allowance money in hand.  I texted her again, she was in the shower so she responded a few minutes later and let me in. We sat on the couch, caught up, and she put on some quality porn on her laptop.  She indicated that she hadn’t seen me for a few months because she had found a real life boyfriend. Makes sense of course to be faithful to him, I just wished she would have told me during those weeks and months when I was texting her about meeting.

So a lesson to SBs: Us SDs don’t get offended if a SB tells ‘Hey Dave I can’t see you anymore, I met a boyfriend’. We like honesty actually, and will typically leave you alone.

We eventually moved to the bedroom, where I found out she already had put a condom under her pillow, to be ready. Class act.  I gave her the allowance money in a birthday card (which is what I usually used to do, back in the day) and then she took it out and counted every bill in front of my eyes. My eyes were rolling at that point! Yeah, real ‘class’. We had already known each other for some time, so I would think she would trust me by then. She even let me into her apartment more than once.  After that meeting I didn’t call her anymore, she was spending more time in Galveston anyway and eventually even moved down there.

I knew a trader in Houston who was a few years younger than me but I looked up to him because he had more years of trading experience, had been through a lot of different markets and had made some really good calls including that great gasoline trade during hurricane Katrina. He said:’ Dave, some of the best trades are those never made. And then there are others that are just sell and forget’.  This lady fell into the second category.  Shame though as she was really hot, typical all American looks, 26, and liked older men with grey hair on the sides to stare at her boobs.

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