But you’re only 20!

‘I love you David’, said College.  A blog fan asked me if I loved her, and of course I said yes.  Back to my story:  But then I told College ‘But you are only 20! Do you even know the meaning of that word? Are you sure its not just lust?’  I said while I was escorting her one evening to the subway so she can take the short ride home.  She turned around and smiled and said in a soft voice ‘Yes, I know the meaning of that’.  We parted ways and I thought about that for a while, and I believed her. She had repeated it often enough, and she wasn’t always drunk so I figured she meant it, lol.  And I know I was going down the same path because I was thinking to myself: ‘I wonder who she will end up marrying and I wonder what she will think or even remember of me 20 years from now’.  Will she think: ‘Aww David was a sweet kid, he was the first man I fell for and had a real relationship with’.  Or will she say: ‘I can’t believe I fell for that jackass!’  Or will she even remember me at all?  Maybe she will name her first born David.  That would be a mitzvah! lol

One thing I certainly remember is that I learned something from a 20 year old.  I learned that indeed there are 20 year olds with a good head on their shoulders, who are great company, good in oral sex (hey she learned from the best ! lol), and most importantly, amazing to have a real relationship with, and very mature about it.  My old pal Serena told me once: ‘David you are the most jaded man I’ve met partially because of some of the women you have met. No wonder you go through some of them like water’.  Well, College made me be unjaded again and for that I will never forget her.


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