The dungeon: my first and only real BDSM experience

I have to say I am not a dungeon kinda guy. While I do enjoy a good amount of biting and scratching and done a bit of playing around, I had never been to a real dungeon until my first and only time, and really into BDSM.  A friend, Alexia, wanted to try it out as she was curious about it so I said ‘sure, why not’.  The perfectionist that I am though, I had to do a bit of research and after that I came across a nice looking lady who specializes in that sort of thing, for a good amount of payment of course.  A true professional, if you will, lol.  The appointment was easy enough to arrange, I decided to email an introduction at first, using very respectful language and also to convey the seriousness of my intent.  After we exchanged emails, we decided to call each other and talk for about 20 minutes on the phone, arrange the details, go though a few scenarios etc.  I indicated that Alexia likes girls as well as guys so the scenario was to have a bisexual bent to it.  The session was for Alexia anyway not me, and we decided to co-top her. We also decided on the dungeon, which really had some out of this world rooms!  We decided on the Spanish Inquisition room. We enter and were given a tour of the torture equipment. Finally I sat on my throne and watched the torture begin. As first she was told to undress and fold her clothes very neatly.  She didn’t so a good job though so she had to repeat the folding.  She then was fitted with a collar that she likes so much, like the puppy that she was, and was instructed to kneel in front of her.  We then abused her a bit more which involved a fair amount of degrading, spitting, spanking and counting backwards in Spanish and saying thank you after each strike of the whip.  A brief session of her being tied to a totem pole with her hands up and being fingered followed.  That was followed by some abuse military style given by me, as well.  I then sat on my thrown and was getting deep throated violently while her hands were tied behind her back and she was kneeling down.  Didn’t look too comfortable for her, but she was being punished, after all. Then she did  a number on the mistress, by licking her thighs. Unfortunately that’s were it all stopped.  I was hoping for some more sexual action but that did not happen even though it was part of the scenario agreed upon.  She did finger her with a glove on…I left kinda disappointed, but it was good nonetheless.  Alexia was great. I liked seeing her naked, tied up, with a collar on, and her long black hair over her shoulders. I was getting concerned about her at one point, and maybe so was the mistress. So we both held back a little bit.  If there is a next time I will take control of the whole fuckin’ thing and all hell will break loose.


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7 Responses to The dungeon: my first and only real BDSM experience

  1. silas says:

    When you say friend, is it friend friend or sugar friend?

    Btw Last line was very very sexy Haha. Yum.

  2. It was a special friend friend…

  3. BDSM does not interest me at all. Glad you had fun.

  4. Lygia says:

    I always wanted to try BDSM but none of my sugar daddies are the BDSM types. :( one day i will try it hopefully haha

  5. Alice says:

    Haha, wow! I don’t know why but I would’ve never thought you’d ever try something like this. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much!! …even if you didn’t get to have as much much fun as you were planning on having hahaha.

  6. yup! it was certainly an interesting experience

  7. KittyKat says:

    My “friend” has a giant bed with big posts. I made a comment that I would like to be tied up to them and he didn’t seem into it. :( Bummer. What a waste of giant bed posts!
    Nice story. I agree about the last line..whoa..

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