Some pregnant SB’s

Over time I have met some interesting SB’s including some who were pregnant or new mothers.  I declined both.

One (or two, I think, I am forgetting now) were actually 3 months pregnant and we met for a drink, tea, not alcohol obviously.  She was telling me she had another SD, until recently, who was 52. He wanted her to move in with him and get serious etc.  She declined and she told him ‘Hey you are old you have lived your life, let me live mine’.  So when I met her she had gotten pregnant by her boyfriend from the Bronx (wow!) and was looking for a new SD to show her some good time.  I decided not to meet anymore after our initial get together. I have only slept with 2 pregnant women my entire life, 3 if you count that one stripper who was 1 month pregnant , when I was 19.  In all cases I felt a bit squeamish and self conscious and was definitely holding back, because I didn’t want to do anything that would end up hurting the baby.  I fully realize that sex by itself dosn’t hurt it, but was on my mind.

Then there was another case where we were talking and having a great time, online or via cell phone. Then she dropped a bomb after days of talking ‘oh I have a 4 month old baby’.  I told her I would not be comfortable doing anything.  She asked why not, and I just replied that it wouldn’t feel right and her body would be still just recovering from everything, plus breastfeeding etc.  Too much to handle for my simple mind I guess.

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7 Responses to Some pregnant SB’s

  1. Ana says:

    Hi David, I’ve been following your blog and love love reading about your encounters!
    Now I do feel a little self-conscious about this one. I had a baby 7 months ago but I am no longer breastfeeding . I have been talking with this SD that I think I really like; we haven’t met yet but are planning to do so soon. I didn’t mention to him that I have a 7mths old girl and he never asked. I’d prefer not to, because I don’t like to mix private life and sugar. After reading your post, you got me thinking. What would you recommend? What if he decides not to pursue once he learns?

  2. Hmm if I were you I wouldn’t mention it. the babay is a bit older anyway, but you never know how he would react. Some people may think you want them as a surrogate husband of some kind and they may run away. So, leave it out I say. If you must mention it, just make sure there are no health issues, financial issues, you don’t expect him to be your husband etc and make it all very clear. He may still walk…

  3. Kit SB says:

    Don’t tell him unless you get to know him very well and you see he’s the type that likes small children. But how would you hide it? I feel like it might slip… What if you need a babysitter or he wants to come to your house?

  4. Yup, agreed with Kit. And while you talk to him the word ‘babysitter’ has to be gone from the vocabulary.
    Although I have paid for a baby sittter once before, but her kids were like 5 or 6 year olds, not babies.

  5. Ana says:

    Great advice here! I am always careful with my words lol. I was thinking of waiting to be very comfortable with him first, and have a great connection. Then tell him but also let him know it’s just out of honesty, nothing else, and if he wants to pursue, that’ll be great. And if he doesn’t, at least we would have gotten to know each other a bit and we’ll both move on.

  6. Kit SB says:

    In my experience with SDs the reason they are seeking an SB is because they have problems with their marriage (lack of sex and companionship are common). Everyone of them say “everything was great till after we had kids and then the lust and intimacy were gone.” This may not be the same for every SD but its common. If you are able, find out why he’s seeking an SB and if its for those reasons then I think it would be best for him not to find out! But I think you should definitely pursue him!

  7. I have quite a few rules around the SBs I choose, but chief among them are: no married women, and no moms. If I know up front that you have a kid, you’ll never get to a first date with me. If you wait to tell me till after we’re intimate and I might have something resembling feelings for you, I’m still going to break it off and both of us will be pissed. My advice is: be up front with him right away. If he doesn’t have a problem with you having a kid, you’re fine. If he’s not, then he’s not the type of guy you want anyway.

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