Soccer moms and dads

Went to a nice little soccer game today and our team won, so it was a good day.  Interesting set of parents though: you have some brokers talking about the gifts they send to the trading floor (i.e. us) to show their appreciation for our business, some private equity guys (I won’t bid on your job if you don’t bid on mine, lol!), some lawyers etc etc. Then there was this single mom who was filming her kid play.  She had nice pink lipstick, dirty blondish/brown hair and tight jeans with Timberland boots. Not bad for a 40 year old. Reminded me of the missus.

Then came a lady who looked hispanic with her husband, both around the age of 40.  They sat near me and I was overhearing their conversation and she mentioned stuff about Mexico, and she was Mexican as it turned out.  I was observing her for a while and then it hit me.  She looked like College gal, only taller, but she had the same type of long hair and the same face shape.  So that got me thinking: I wonder where College would be in 15 years and with who, possibly even married, and if she would even remember who the heck I was. Got a bit melancholy about it.  But I would be one the secrets of her youth, which is cool I guess.  I have so many secrets, come to think of it, from my youth as well as my adulthood, that many of these nice soccer moms and dads can’t even imagine…

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  1. KittyKat says:

    She won’t forget about you. No way.

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