Autumn in New York

tum te tum tum  why does it seem so inviting…I like that song…

Reminds of interesting things happening during Autumns past

Interestingly, I really like walking past the various parks near my workplace with the leaves on the ground and everything being a bit chilly.  I like not wearing a heavier coat until December, this way I can feel the cold a bit better. I prefer the cold to warmth by the way. An individual I had met a long time ago as her first sugar moved on a few autumns go live with her boyfriend. I know she is happy, or about to be happy.  I like to think I offered her some help besides monetary, as far as careers go, and showed her a few things.  As a matter of fact, I know I did.  I remember actually sitting down for coffee once and I told her ‘Why don’t you try finance? Enough with this science bullshit’ and it snowballed from there. I also remember her initial insecurities in bed and how cute she looked once sitting at the edge of the bed, or her first reaction to a present.  I also remember how she changed over the time, and that’s natural for someone of that age group to change over the period of a couple of years.  That  bird has flown.  Do birds ever do flyby’s? Will have to google that

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