My sugar momma

Well, I don’t really have a sugar momma but someone asked me once what would my ideal sugar momma be, i.e. personality, looks, age etc.

So here is my download:  she should be attractive enough and personable to be able to go to a nice restaurant, and me not cringe when seen with her in public. That’s a pretty generic definition of physical appearance, but there it is. For example, she could white, Hispanic, black, or Asian but not too overweight, and the hair style should be  a nice and relatively conservative one.  I will allow just a hint of blue hair, but if its a huge Afro style that is 2 feet tall, I am walking away before the date even starts (I did walk away from a prospective SB once, with a  hairdo like that).  She should be able to carry herself well in any type of setting and have enough of taste to have nice outfits for the occasion. Since she is my sugar momma, I imagine she would be able to afford it and have good taste without anyone telling her.  But then again, one never knows now days!   So then, as far as looks go I am pretty flexible.

How about her age? I am flexible with that as well, to a certain extent.  The oldest person I have been with was 57 (I was 32).  Would I go out with anyone who is 70? No. 60? maybe, if she is rich!  Also depends what she looks like, and whether I would be embarrassed to be seen with her in public.  If she was not attractive I would try and make the meeting seem like a business call. How would I do that? through body language and no visible physical romantic undertones in any public form of communication.

Now would I go out with a SB that was actually younger, say a 25 yer old singer who hit it big?  Sure, I wouldn’t discriminate against age at all, as long as she gives me my allowance, lol.

What if I was given the choice between a 25 year old ugly girl and a 60 year old still attractive woman, who both gave me the same allowance or gifts? That’s a tough question: I would probably try to fit them both in my schedule. Heck, why not, unless we had an exclusivity talk in which case I would respect that. Remember, I always believe in honor among thieves!

In terms of entertainment, I would try to be the best charming companion ever, and be able to converse about anything that interest her!  This might require some homework in advance, especially if she was into things I knew nothing about such as art, paintings, theatre etc.  In bed I would do whatever she wanted, again within reason. There are a couple of things I will not do, i.e. bodily function play and heavy dominance.   Not unless she bought me a whole lot of pairs of shoes, lol.

What would I ask for as compensation? allowance, gifts, or just some combination of the above? A combination seems fair. I do prefer cash to be perfectly honest, since I don’t really need gifts. I don’t need ties, suits, watches as I already have these.  But if she insisted, I would want to shop for shirts at Charles Tyrwhitt, which I love.  But first we would need to go to Del Friscos for dinner.  I would meet her 2 or 3 times a month, but not more, and the communication should be kept to brief emails or texts and just catching up with each other. No sense in confusing this with a romantic relationship, unless that’s what she really is looking for in which case it would be a different ball game.

I just hope she wouldn’t expect sex on our first date.  After all I wouldn’t want my purity to be defiled so early in the game!




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9 Responses to My sugar momma

  1. L'enfant terrible says:

    You are ADORABLE! A sugar mama would be lucky to have you. I never understood why cougars go for guys in their early twenties. I mean, puppies are cute and all but taming a lion is so much more exciting! ;D

  2. Aww thanks L’enfant! Did you like the part about me holding out until the second date at least, for sex?
    Now if I can find that sugar momma….

  3. Ellen has Jade says:

    cowboys for angels via saint google. lol
    Good luck and watch what you wish for!

  4. L'enfant terrible says:

    I loved that part! And the fact that you chose a simple (but elegant) steak house as your preferred wine and dine venue. To hell with duck à l’orange, I want a T-bone! ;D

  5. L'enfant terrible says:

    Ellen has Jade: I just watched the show….Oh God, my eyes! The guys are hot and all but the client interaction…. So cheesy! I squirmed like an 8-year old seeing sex for the first time 😀

  6. Ain’t I a little too old for cowboys for angels?

  7. Ellen has Jade says:

    @L’enfant: For every demand there is an offer (cheesy or not). But there is still excellent cheese and even better wine for it. It’s a numbers game as in 20 – 80, to get to the 20 we have to bump into mainstream 80 first.
    @SD: Quality is atemporal. If it is, it simply is. May I say: young enough to know what to do and old enough to do it right? 😉

    • L'enfant terrible says:

      Ellen has Jade: Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the show. I watched all the episodes, both seasons, in one night. It’s just that almost every client scene made me feel embraced (both on behalf of the participants and my self, for watching it) but I couldn’t look away. It was to exiting. I ended up peaking through the hand I covered my face with, squirming the whole time. Like a kid. It was a long time since I experienced something like that :)

      David: I agree with Ellen. Some women prefer a REAL MAN and in takes a certain amount of time and experience to become one 😉

  8. Well, if a potential sugar momma comes along please send her my way ok? A generous finder’s fee is available

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