Feeling somewhat jealous of the SB

I found out that I was missing her. At the time she was barely 20, and she had even talked about how jealous or hurt she would be if I was seeing other people. I felt the same type of jealousy too, I admit, imagining she would be with someone else on a particular evening. In a way, I loved her. And she had also used the ‘l’ word to me once or twice while we were just walking around. I remember thinking about that walking home from my office on 49th street, passing by the various hotels around Midtown where business people usually stayed. So it was like ‘hmm, I wonder which hotel is she in and with who’. After all I was in one of those hotels just a few days ago either with her or with other SBs. So I figured she would be doing same. Then I sobered up and I thought to myself ‘So what. After all, remember Mr. experienced SD, this is all NSA at the end of the day and always temporary and transient.’ So instead of clouding my thoughts and getting all sad and jealous, I decided to just put such thoughts aside and just enjoy my time with her for as long as it lasted. She was a lovely girl, full of energy, ready to please and never refused anything I asked of her, took everything in good cheer and a great sense of humour. And she was just that: a girl. Just have fun with her, and let her be. So what if she is seeing or not seeing others…

The louder the better, helps me forget her, turn it on, turn it up…

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