You better shop around

I remember a while back, while I was in the middle of my Asian fetish, I had set up two dates on that particular week, with two ladies in their twenties. I met the first one, very bubbly and chearful with great dimples when she smiled. She could not handle her liquor and after a while she started talking out loud and mentioned the word ‘arrangement’ more than once, to the point where the nice folks in the table next to us could hear us. As in ‘So how would you like the arrangement to work?’ How do you spell ‘A w k w a r d’? NEXT!

A day later I met this other individual who was a PhD student and at the same time a curator at the local museum of natural history. Very impressive intellect, born and raised in Hong Kong which is a city I always liked visiting. She was telling me that men are intimidated by her brains. I was not. What I didn’t like was the fact she was convinced of her own infallibility. She then proceeded to tell me what useless scum finance professionals were. I explained that we don’t pretend we are saving the planet or the whales or anything of the sort, but we like commercial activity, which also has a place in our society. And a rather large paycheck isn’t too bad either. One thing I noticed was that she had horrible dental hygiene. How is that possible in New York in the 21st century? I just couldn’t see myself kissing that. Plus, she downplayed the critical importance of finance in society. Double minus for her. If she tried to impress me with her brains she did that in spades. She said she doesn’t get impressed by most men she meets. Oh well! I dodged a bullet, as there was no physical attraction whatsoever. Why did I spend an hour talking to her? I liked the conversation itself but that’s where it ended. After that I got up, shook hands, and moved on.

Like that old song used to go: ‘My momma said you better shop around’

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