An older woman sugar baby

It was very interesting that one. She was 50, pretty old for a SB, to be sure. She was seeing 2 SD’s: me at age 40 and another gentleman at age 60+. Somewhat a bizarre setup, but what did I care. I liked new and interesting experiences, and still do.
I crossed the park, near my office and saw her sitting in one of the benches and she looked really good. Very attractive even at that age. At the wine bar, and after she removed her raincoat I noticed the nice outfit she was wearing and made a compliment, which she really liked, and I saw her pupils dilating. A good sign.

I could have used a nice date on that day, I had been shut down by another potential, younger SB earlier on. I was surprised about that turn of events as I was my usual very nice and polite self. I dropped only subtle hints though, so maybe I should have been a bit more forceful in my pursuit. I wasn’t feeling the regular 60/40 assurance though. I was only feeling a 50/50 chance of success so therefore, per my rules of probability and trading I was not too much to the point with her. Perhaps a mistake but we shall never know.

Anyway, back to the wine bar, the rice balls and ricotta cheese with honey.  After the compliment I hinted we retire to her place (I had already been there before) and catch up on old times. I still remembered her favorite sexual quirks so I knew what pleased her. She lived in a different borough so we took a taxi, but to our dismay there were events and construction going on at the same time so we were sitting in traffic. Then we started fooling around in the cab, where she made the comment: ‘it’s obviously very nice to go out with a younger man’. I think she was referring to my bulging pants, lol. Then we decided to get out of the taxi because we were going nowhere fast. To which she made the suggestion: ‘Why don’t I show you around my office’. To make a long story short, we had sex in her office, and very hot may I add.  And it was surprising to see this respectable, attractive, blond lady in a corporate suit get down and dirty in her own office, at a leading non-profit organization in downtown Manhattan. Later that night she texted : ‘We were naughty’. You don’t say!

And even later that night I received a very angry text from my old friend from Ozone Park saying, among other things: ‘Hey why did you tell me you wanted to get together and not even bother contacting me in 2 days?’. Argh: I totally forgot about with work and all. So I responded ‘Apologies the day just ran away from me. If you rather I don’t contact you then…’
Time to cut her lose anyway, I wasn’t feeling it.
That week actually I decided to cut lose  a couple of old acquaintances: some folks I saw only every now and then. I just wasn’t feeling it anymore, so that was that. Why waste everyone’s time? I am not a time waster.   Badda’ bing

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