Not paying for an emotional relationship

Thinking about my old Texas friends again. One of them told me ‘David, the gifts and the money you give me lets me know this is not personal’.   She was so sarcastic but yet so correct at the same time, that this has stuck with me for a long time even though I knew her 4 years ago. So there I was thinking to myself, while with another SB I was getting attached to: ‘you know, David, the way this has turned out, I am actually paying $$ for an emotional relationship’. It had gone beyond sugar / NSA. It had the ups and downs of a real relationship. So what could I have done. Keep seeing her (which I did for a while) or break it off. So I decided to break it off in person. We were sitting at a bar and I told her exactly that. I couldn’t go on with this, I am getting attached and so was she, and it was not fair, and I felt weird paying for an emotional relationship with someone. I had never done that before then. So I bought her a nice parting gift that she needed, but that was it. I saw her a couple of times after that, but on that day at the bar, in my mind, it was over. Sad but true, and after a while I was at peace with the decision.  I had been through the emotional path before, but on that occassion decided against it, as tempting as it was.  I was burnt out from the previous one anyway.

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