How to keep a sugar relationship NSA?

This great young lady I met asked me that, and it is an excellent question. My short answer to her was that you can’t easily keep it NSA if you are attracted enough to someone to keep seeing them for several months or, in some cases, years. Of course you can break it off, and people do it all the time. But sometimes it is rather hurtful, like removing a tooth.

One can try several tricks to keep things at a distance and their emotions at bay. I think I tried many different little tricks at various times including:

1. An orgy with 2 other women
2. A trip to another state for a few days
3. A good boxing workout, or two, at the gym
4. Having a different date for 5 days of the week and sleeping with 3 or 4 of them

None of the above really helped, or even if they did it was short lived. So I would not recommend any of the above, especially not the sleeping with 4 other people in 4 days. It’s pathetic. So then, what is one to do. Well, one can be just be as level headed as possiblle and not listen to their heart but their mind. The mind will usually give you the right answer, given the proper time to reflect upon things.

When I used my mind I was able to have a purely fun relationship with someone for years, and it never crossed any boundaries. Other times I would see someone for 6 months and we would get all infatuated.
In the case of Tina I knew her for nearly 2 years, but we were friends (as in real friends) as well as playmates, but not once did we get infatuated. Yet with a couple of other individuals after 3 months of seeing each other we fell for the whole thing. Could it be that Tina was 36 with 2 kids, whereas the other ladies were in their twenties? But why would that matter? After all, I am married so what difeence does the age of the SB make? They reminded me of someting from the past? In those cases it was beyond sex and gifts. Sure they were both ann important part of the picture. But I became enamored with their energy and how I felt when I was in their company, i.e. not just a playmate but rather someone interesting to find out things about.  Also I loved how they would tell me about the goals and aspirations and the things that concerned them.
No wonder it was NSA with a ‘twist’ into other boundaries. Somethings came over me
and I don’t know what to feel.  That only happened to me 4 times. Is that considered a lot? Someone even told me once, and I quote ‘You will never know what you meant to me’

Anyway, so if you get to close the easiest thing is to just leave, in a friendly and polite way, but leave it is.

‘Someday I’ll see you again I’ll drink to you’ …  tum te tum tum

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6 Responses to How to keep a sugar relationship NSA?

  1. Ellen has Jade says:

    How a woman keeps it NSA? She acts like a man. She is punctual but she leaves early(er than expected). And she does not (over)analyse the situation ever. If attachment thoughts occur (just because the stupid nature screwed us to get attached to the men we have sex with) do overtime at work (hopefully it’s paid), do another man (oops!), run 10 miles, listen to music (aka loud), eat icecream (or any type of forbidden carbs ha ha ha), talk to a friend or to all of them preferably one at a time to keep busy, watch action movies and smile like nothing ever had happened. Because nothing had ever happened.

  2. NerdySB says:

    Second! So true!

  3. allisrightbutwrong says:

    Throughout the few months I’ve been following your blog, I’ve always wondered one thing: What is it about your wife that makes it so you have never thought about leaving her for another woman? Like you’ve said before, I imagine that you have came close to falling for some of the women you’ve been with. So, why is it that you’ve never thought “Wow, I should’ve married her instead of my wife.” Is it because you’re happily married and so you always have it in your mind that all of this is just transitory, fleeting moments of indulgent pleasure? Therefore, this sugar life is never real in the first place? Have you ever met a woman who was better than your wife, or made you second-guess your choices? I’ve always been curious about how amazing your wife must be.

  4. Hey Allis thanks for reading my blog. Not once did I ever think of leaving her! Just because I am a bit more sexual and spicy on the side than she is, doesn’t mean I even thought of leaving her for a second. She is amazing indeed as a person and as a partner in life.
    The sugar life is real. But when all is said and done, it is and for ever shall be, transitory. I dealt with issue in my book as well. And I plan to stay married. After all wouldn’t it be frivolous to leave someone for a 21 year old?

  5. allisrightbutwrong says:

    Oh, it totally IS frivolous to leave your spouse for a 21 year old. I asked because I wondered if it were ever possible to meet, say a “game changer.” But I’m amazed at how level-headed you are. That says a lot about you, and it tells me, the rightful limitations of sugar dating.

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