Awesome Alexandra

I admit she was amazing and awesome, as I recall. Did I fall for her? Close, I fell in ‘like’ with her. That’s an interesting term that I just came up with. She reminded me of the girls I used to hang out with in college in terms of looks, the fact she was down to earth and casual. That night after I was in a terrible mood and basically felt like being on my own, I felt bad about cancelling on her. We could have used the opportunity to cheer up each other but regrettably I cancelled. Texted her the next morning to see how she was feeling and she mentioned she felt alone and she decided to skip class. Well, I felt alone as well so we decided to give it another try that same evening. Met her at the same place, and as I approached her she gave me this look and said ‘Yes sir, do you I know from some place’. Ah the sense of humor! We decided to retire to this restaurant / bar. Now given the fact she was only 20 I ordered both drinks for us. And then something really odd happened. The waitress that was assigned to our table was standing right across from us with a stern look on her face and was staring at us. Alex was flirting with me and the waitress just stood there. It came to the point where me and Alexandra were asking ourselves what on earth did she want from us. And then she came over, after Alexandra took a sip from the Mojito and she announced us that the establishment had strict rules and no drinking would be allowed for folks under 21. Dyke!! Not getting a good tip that night, that’s for sure. How annoying is that!

Anyway, I don’t want to get too carried away by that incident. I want to focus more on the relation I had developed with Alexandra. It was interesting because even though this whole lifestyle is supposedly NSA, we sometimes can’t help but develop genuine attraction toward some women we meet, over time, given the right set of circumstances. Doesn’t happen with all people I meet, to be sure, but it sometimes does happen. Like, for example, that time when she felt bad, well, I felt bad for her as well and wanted to do something to make her feel better. I really didn’t want her to feel depressed, and just the thought of her sitting home alone sulking made me sad as well. Not a good feeling. And I have to admit another thing too (hope she is not aware of this blog. I doubt that she is…). I once caught myself feeling jealous when she told me she had another date on a particular evening. I of course understood that. A young, single person in college will obviously date pretty actively. I remember how it was back then. And of course no presumption of exclusivity existed, nor was it ever mentioned. I generally don’t make demands like that to people, as I respect everyone’s space and privacy. But, being human, I couldn’t help but feeling that. I kept it to myself, however. The more time I spent with her the more adorable I found her and the more comfortable I felt. Like that time she was wearing a black outfit with a purple shirt (and my favorite underwear too!) she looked great. I even smelled a hint of her lotion as I was walking next to her…
Sexually she wanted to try new things so I showed as much as she felt comfortable experimenting with. And a great sight at that. And she was a smart lady as well, with well formed opinions and passions about her beliefs. A good lawyer in the making.

So lets summarize: great fun, flirtation (I loved it when she touched my knee in a bar), some sexual experimentation and at the same time some developing feelings of closeness on my part, the ‘j’ word at times..Always left her wanting to have spent more time

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her

Sidebar: how do I sometimes overcome these feelings of jealousy? By having a nice little orgy, of course! lol. That method doesn’t always work out too well though, so caution is suggested!

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  1. CoedCallGirl says:

    Love the blog! I’m a sugar baby myself and I liked reading it from the other side. Can’t wait to read more!

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