A week of sugar baby dates

Here was a sample week of dates, back in the day: I was separated at the time and also doing a fair amount of travelling so I had some time after work. So here was a typical week, while screening for a prospective SB, and also I am writing about my opinions of them pretty frankly:

1. Monday: met for drinks at Arturo’s Uptown with a 35 year old Brazilian. Loved the accent. I have to say that out of all the South American accents, the Brazilian one gets me all the time. The ultimate turn on. Plus I have been to bed with Brazilian women before so I am fully aware what they are capable of. We talked about her travels and what brings her to Houston, of all places. She had a cousin here etc etc. She didn’t like the beaches in Galveston though. They apparently not as nice as those in Brazil, surprise surprise. On the way out I held her hand in mine, and it felt so warm and soft. I imagine how soft the rest of her would feel. She was a bit top heavy though, and I am more of an ass man I guess. I wonder if she does the same tricks like Paula, the Brazilian stripper I knew back in 2003 did. I am not sure if I will enter an arrangement here, but I am so curious now, its killing me.

2. Tuesday: meeting at the same place, same exact bartender. This time, a 40 year old Californian, all American type. She was in great shape but she indicated she had health issues that forced her to eat very carefully, and exercise each day, and no alcohol either. She insisted she was very good in bed. I guessed, accurately, she was diabetic. She was sensual, although there was this strange look about her. Due to that, I pretended this was not a romantically related meeting, but more like two long lost cousins catching up. Therefore, my body language changed entirely from a flirtatious one to a more casual, relaxed one. I pretended I was talking to a colleague. I decided to have sex with her once, just to see what she was like, and of course to verify that her claims concerning her skills were accurate. Us finance guys need proof, you know. That eventually took place the following week, and it was not bad, although somewhat weird in bed. Hard to describe if you were not there. But it was fun.

3. Wednesday: Like Malone, here is a 30 year old law school graduate. She had just came out of a 1 year arrangement. Drinks were fine and we were flirting a lot. She claimed she had to go back to her law books, but kept downing those drinks. Unfortunately I had to go home early that night and catch up on some sleep so I only had 2 beers. She had 4 glasses of wine. I get the feeling that if I was more persistent this would have been a home run. After I left though, I had second thoughts and did not see her again. Too much bada-bing, in her manner of speaking. Educated and pretty, but had some street edge to her.

4. Thursday: Escalante’s, my favorite place. the bearded bartender poured a Shiner with a smile. He knew what I was up to. I met this 22 year old from San Antonio who had just got out of a prestigious college here in town. She said’ Well, sir, if you would like to get a head start on the arrangement, here are directions to my place.’ Sex was good, she was very expressive. Will see her again.

5. Friday: drinks with the boys at Vic and Anthony’s steakhouse downtown.

6. Saturday: Appetizers with a 32 year old Russian immigrant. When she called me from across the street from where we were supposed to meet, I saw her dressed up in a business suit(!) and was immediately drawn to her curves. She only had one drink and then had to leave as she had a long drive back. ‘If I had one more drink I would be all over you’. I will make a point of seeing her again. Those curves were the best ones I saw all week.

No long term arrangement came out of these meetings. I saw these individuals 3 or 4 times afterwards. The Russian, the Californian, and the 22 year old college grad.  I wished I saw the Brazilian, she had a great smile with dimples, which I really like.  I guess this goes to show that great first dates don’t always end in good longer term arrangements. It’s the intangibles, and also the luck of the draw, or timing. Some dinner date that goes well, may fizzle over the next one or two days to come. Depends on scheduling, second thoughts, someone else more interesting coming along etc.


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