Where to find you sugar baby or sugar daddy

In an interview I was asked how did I find my sugar babies, when I went looking. There are 3 different ways I can think of:

1. Online:

I think that online dating was made for the sugar daddy / sugar baby lifestyle. It is quick, and discreet to a certain extent. You can use made up names, userids, emails.

First of all let’s go over the mechanics of how to find someone for this type relationship. There exist several websites where one can meet their potential match, and SeekingArrangement.com is one of them (disclosure: I do not have any business relationship with the website). Another medium that I have always liked and personally used in the past were personal ads on Craigslist or social / entertainment newspapers such as the Village Voice in New York City.

Since the sugar daddy phenomenon has now expanded to several other countries many international websites have recently been developed. One of those sites is http://www.sugardaddy.org.uk

Place an ad that explains your situation: you may be a married man looking for something discreet, or recently divorced / single and looking for an NSA type of a relationship. You should come out and state your personal situation as clearly as possible, because lying will eventually lead to trouble down the road. So if you are married, be honest to yourself and others and state that. This way, the young lady you will end up meeting will not have any false expectations. Also, do not lie about your financial status: if you say you will take care of her monthly bills (just an example) then do so. Don’t be as cruel as to promise one thing and then just go back on your promise.

So then, in your ad, and in your online profile mention with clarity your status socially and professionally, your expectations for this type of an arrangement and what you plan to offer. Also, discuss the time commitments. Do you want to see someone once a week or less often? I know I am here offering what seems to be reasonable and straightforward advise but you will be surprised to know how many men just don’t get it and how they use and abuse these poor ladies. Of course, this use and abuse happens on both sides of the table but we will explore this topic in another article.

Now that you have placed your ad and have received some email responses from prospective sugar’s how do you do the initial screening? If you have found her from a website, then you can tell a lot about someone by the information they have posted on their profile. What types of pictures do they show? Overtly sexual ones? Lot of pics showing off tattoos in secret places? I personally would go with those who just show a regular and non explicit picture. After all, we all know why we are there, so there is really no need to be too overt sexually. Also, if someone chooses to show no face at all in their pictures that is a good thing in my book. It shows they value privacy and discretion, which I also like. As a married and serious business professional daddy I would pick the one that does not appear trashy, and the one I think I can form some type of bond with. When you meet her for the first time, probably for a quick drink or coffee, take time to observe her body language? Does she seem like an old pro at this? then be careful because she maybe having several affairs in the same time: is this someone you would like to spend time with? Or, on the other hand if she seems a bit unsure, she may be a better candidate, in that you can become her lover and mentor in the same time. I personally liked these types of situations more, because one can help this young lady grow as a person and as a woman, while having some fun while doing it.

If you are a sugar baby, likewise, you need to display attention to the concept of discretion. Also, in you profile, don’t just plainly state what you want or your list of demands, or that you are a princess and you deserve to be treated like one. You should mention your requirements in a classy way without coming off like a brat. Since relationships are 2 ways street, you should also discuss what you can offer to your sugar daddy and why should he choose you over 10 other women who are just as attractive. What makes you so compelling? Being ‘fun to be around’ or ‘you friends think you are cool’ is not sufficient.

2. Regular Dating

Some sugar babies want to turn a ‘regular’ boyfriend into a sugar daddy. I admit that is exactly how I got into this. As also mentioned in my book

one of the ladies I was seeing on a regular basis ran into financial trouble and she asked m to pay her rent for a few months. At first I was stunned, like WTF? But I know she needed the help so I helped her out. and thart was my first taste of sugar. I have to admit though, when I her of SB’s trying to turn boyfriends into SD’s I find that annoying. Why? Because it tends to degrade a potentially meaningful long term relationship into something that is no strings attached and perhaps short term by definition. These are two different types of dating and I dont think they should be confused with each other. Many guys would turn down the attempt to be turned into sugar daddies, and then, dear lady, you would have lost a good relationship just for the sake of money or gifts. Not worth it!

3. Free styling:

Don’t like it and would advise against it as it has strong escort connotations. Think about it.  You go into a bar or restaurant, approach a buch of business guys who look bored, chat them up, and entice into giving you money.  What does that sound like?

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7 Responses to Where to find you sugar baby or sugar daddy

  1. robwalker says:

    lol.. Sugar babies will be recruited so tread lightly

  2. SugarBBY says:

    Im a sugar bby just let me know if your interested and I will get back to you.

  3. Lucy says:

    Hi I would really like to be your sugar baby

  4. Troy says:

    Hello, Any mean young girls in Wisconsin? I’m looking for a mean girl to be my bully girls sugar baby long term to do my one major fetish …it’s extreme facesitting/smothering….cruel, heartless show me no mercy at all make me pass out cold. don’t let me breathe .if familiar with this fetish and interested please send me an email with “You will pass out” in subject. to weed out spam bots go to fetlife.com sign up and message me smothertroy is my username

    Must comprehend my fetish it’s sitting on my face flush down your legs/feet over my arms pinning me down giving me no breath at all

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