Sugar is like Samba

The Sugar Daddy/Baby lifestyle sometimes is like samba: that Brazilian dance that is very sensual and where the two parties approach each other for a short time with great intensity, displaying their best foot forward. After its over they depart just as suddenly as they arrived.

And really that encapsulates the sugar lifesyle in many respects. Both parties are there to find a little respite from the mundane aspects of their lives. Sure, trading stocks or other financial instruments is very exciting. I think it is the most exciting activity I have ever done in my life, without exception. But sometimes it is nice to get away and step into this other ‘world’ as a little vacation.  I think this is true for both daddies and their babies. We escape into this lifestyle and we hope to find only nice things. The men expect no drama, just quality companionship as they define that term. The ladies expect to be treated with respect and have certain material needs fulfilled.  We all come together and hopefully see eye to eye for those brief hours we are together. If all goes well we can only create great memories for each other.  And then, we depart, suddenly, perhaps exhausted, but satisfied.

That’s what life is made of. Otherwise, if you can not find that, or if you can not offer that to one another, why bother

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  1. Heather says:

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