Strange day today, didn’t like it a single bit

This post doesn’t have much to do with sugar but today was full of weird memories and feelings. I was just going to write it and save it in draft format but then I said why not, let’s press the ‘publish’ button. I am just venting anyway, might as well do it anonymously on a blog.

I was watching an old Eddie Murphy movie ‘Coming to America’, on TV. Then it hit me: that movie was the first date I had, long long time ago, with a person that I almost married. She was waiting outside the movie theater and it was middle of the summer so I was wearing shorts. She saw me approaching, I knew she pretended she didn’t see me but I played it cool. I said ‘hey Kate sorry I am 5 minutes late, ready to go in?’ and she then made the comment ‘It’s ok I was just hanging out. Hey you have skinny legs, I didn’t notice that at the beach this morning’. What a great start to a relationship! I ended up marrying someone else eventually who was just as sweet or sweeter, but more mature and independent minded for her age, however it was so close a choice that I could taste it. Seeing this movie to today just flipping through the channels reminded me of this.

About half an hour later I got a call that my father passed. Double whammie today! So this got me thinking about how fast time goes by. When I was 25 (my first date with ‘Kate’) I thought all the time in the world was ahead of us. And it was. Incidentally my father liked ‘Kate’ and he thought I ‘should do something’ i.e. start seeing her seriously. 20 years later: well, 20 years is a very long time, but somehow, through time bending etc etc looking back to it from this vantage point, it just seems like a dream that lasted only 20 minutes. Very interesting….
It is weird: about an hour before I got this call I was sitting next to someone in a coffee shop reading my Barron’s paper as I like to do on Saturday’s just drifting off in my thoughts and couldn’t concentrate on stocks. I started thinking about the things I have achieved in this past 20 years but also some of the shortcomings we all have. I guess it was the 6th sense at work?

‘I’ll see you later but not yet’. If I could do a 21 gun salute I would. I just happen to think that life in general is a ‘long long time to be gone and a short time to be there’ in the words of the Grateful Dead

Now that I think about it, life events and those we meet and the things we do are more like: ‘I’ve a short while to be here, and a long time to be gone’

Could definitely use a cold beer

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