Some random sugar thoughts

There was this lady I had met a while back who just couldn’t make up her mind. One day she called me names, and a day earlier she had sent me an explicit email wanting me to do all kinds of ‘stuff’ to her. And that was in the span of couple of days, without me saying anything to her in the meantime. My guess is that she was thinking about things and went from hot to cold and back to hot all within her own crazy brain. What drama. Next!

Also quality (in everything) is better than quantity. I would rather see someone once a month and have a great time (in and out of bed) than once week, every week and have a lousy time. And there such a thing as too much of a good thing. Even for sex. Some times its nice just to hang out and have a conversation, rather than be forced to please someone just because they want to.

For traveling sugar babies: A separate blog post will follow, but here are some initial thoughts. Traveling for sugar i.e. engaging in anything more than 2 hours of travel each way to meet someone is a bit stressful for everyone. What does each party expect? We know these relationships are based upon mutual understanding and honesty. This becomes even more if someone is investing hours of travel and a good amount of $$$ in this. After all, SD’s are flying in someone for a first date. And SB’s are getting on a plane to meet someone for a first date. Anything less than a very very good first date is somewhat of a let down for both parties involved. That’s why I say to both SDs and SBs: be extremely honest on this one. If the SB feels she needs a paid vacation plus 3K on top of that for a first date then say so. If the SD expects intimacy, say something. What did I do , personally on those occasions when I flew some people over? I said nothing, actually. I never hinted expectations of sex. I wanted it to happen naturally. But it was a bit stressful anyway. What if you meet them at the hotel where they are staying and there is instant disappointment on either side? I guess you can learn the lesson and chalk it up to the college of sugar!

More later…

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2 Responses to Some random sugar thoughts

  1. Dutch Girl says:

    It seems you have met quite a few ‘crazy’ people in the sugar world, maybe you attract them :)?

  2. Hi Dutch, hmm maybe I just do, lol. But as i always say, sugar is a great anthropology experiment. You meet all kinds. Some good and some bad. Just like in real life.

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