Last rose of summer

Listen to this little tune by Judas Priest (don’t you love how these hard rockers sometimes write these mellow tunes?) I recalled a date from many years ago with Kerry in Houston. I had met her at Coaches Pub, my favorite casual hangout on a Saturday or Sunday early afternoon, for first time meetings. I would walk in and the bartender, Samantha would yell out ‘Hey Shiner man!’ Funnily, she never knew my real name! She just knew my favorite beer order, Shiner Bock. That place was so mellow in those afternoons, quiet no more than 5 patrons in that large, wood paneled space, always playing oldies/rock classics for us old foggies, so it was perfect for hangin out. We would sip our beers while listening to these tunes and talk about random, general things, and just feeling great about the moment. So then it struck me. Among the many reasons I did the sugar ‘thing of ours’ was just companionship. It didn’t necessarily matter if an arrangement came out of it, I just like the companionship of women, talking to them, and the dynamic that exists when a man and a women come together. First dates are priceless!

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