Sugar babes who bring their SD’s back to their place

Long time ago I was seeing a sugar baby who was in her early thirties. From the first time we met she had made it clear that if we entered an arrangement and decided to become intimate we could not go to a hotel. I let her know that obviously I couldn’t take her back to my place, and all SB’s I had met up to that point wouldn’t host at their place either for privacy and safety reasons. She wouldn’t have it. She said that she would feel strange going to a hotel, but would be perfectly comfortable if we went back to her place. I found it refreshing that she would say that, and flattered she would trust me enough after a few dates to take me home. A scary thought did cross my mind though: what if it was a setup? In other words, maybe she had an accomplice waiting at home for me and steal my wallet, money, credit cards, phone, knock me over the head with something etc.
But I overcame my initial apprehension, I had her call me from he work number, did a bit of background checking and after 3 dates I felt comfortable enough. We ended up seeing each other for a few months, and every time I would take the train up, she would pick me at the station, stop by for dinner, and then head up to her place. She was always a gracious host and the liquor cabinet was always stocked quite well. I stuck to beer, and she would have Black Russians, and similar girly drinks with a sweet taste. And it was nice to see where the allowance went to: I was paying the rent anyway, lol.

There were only 3 cases where I went to the SBs place: the one I am talking about now, Serena, and a ‘friend’ from a foreign country who was a college student here. I have never asked to go back to their place because I respect people’s privacy, their safety as well as my own, and I figured that most ladies would like to keep some NSA-related distance. But I was pleased to be invited.

I admit that in all instances, without exception, I really liked going to the SB’s place. It felt like a real date, and they made me feel like a welcome guest and a friend, rather than walking ATM. Hey, many women pickup men at bars and bring them back to their place for a one or two night stand. So why not bring an SD home with you every now and then. We are people too you know! Of course, SBs shouldn’t if they have roommates or neighbors that may not be discreet or aware of their participation in this lifestyle.

And I would generally not advise sugar babies bring their sugar daddies anywhere close to their personal or family life, since this is usually a discreet situation on both parts. Wouldn’t want our secrets to be spilled out for the public to see.

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