Ozone Park

Well, I am ‘glad’ my old FB from Ozone Park (yes, the Mafia’s bedroom,  lol)  is wisening up to the ways of sugar.  I saw her for dinner a few weeks ago, before I had to leave town so abruptly. I let her pick the place in the Upper East Side.  Of course coming in from the tunnel she got stuck in traffic and I started cursing out as she was 25 minutes late!  At least she was considerate enough to text and let me know rather than just leaving me hanging.  So I did what I usually don’t like doing which is go inside and sit at the bar all by myself with a beer looking like a sad sack. But it was freezing outside so I didn’t have a choice. In this case I didn’t really mind as it was still early and the place wasn’t packed. It was actually quite peaceful and was able to let my mind wonder a bit while I waited.  I had met her long time ago in a non sugar context.  She was someone’s assistant at Merril Lynch years ago and had struck up a conversation with her and one thing let to another: we started talking about gold trading, which is one of my favorite subjects.  After a while she turned into a F-buddy.  We are of almost same age, no pretense, no nothing, just pure fun.

After waiting for a while she showed up with  a new hairstyle and looked like she came our of the Sopranos. Obviously Italian, lol.

It was a great dinner, overlooking the East River with a very nice view.  I am not sure what happened, but she started bringing up the subject of sugar, just like that.  She didn’t know anything about ‘my past’, or about this blog or the sugar book I wrote.

She started blurting out her demands, i.e. Kindle, Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc etc followed by ‘because I deserve it Davey’. I giggled at all this because it just came out of the blue. I agreed though. Not sure when I will see her again, but next time I will make sure I bring along one of those items she wanted. Just because she deserved it!

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2 Responses to Ozone Park

  1. Jane says:

    That’s going to be very nice of you to get her something all just because she thinks she deserves it :) I plan on working in finance after graduation too – just not as an assistant of course haha.

  2. The way she was asking for these was so adorable, that I just can’t resist giving her a gift

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