Hosting an old friend

I will be hosting an old blogger friend soon, for the weekend. Timing is interesting, with all this long distance family stuff going on, but I am looking forward to it as it will be a much needed diversion from all craziness that is going on lately. We have been talking about it on and off for a while, but the last time we spoke the plans fell through. We re-arranged schedules, made better plans, and now the time is near. I can’t wait, actually. She sounds very sweet on the phone, and I always look forward to her emails. I also like the fact that she is very open with me in describing her experiences and also experienced in the sugar lifestyle. I don’t feel like training up newbies at this point. I really like these ‘sugar weekends’ because I see them as little vacations from the mundane.

Whenever I arrange for friends to travel and meet up I tend to get paranoid. I get a bit paranoid for my own travels as well, arranging the details, worrying about flights, hotels, dinner reservations etc etc. I usually like to plan things down to the last 5 minutes. I forgot to ask what types of restaurants she likes but I am sure we’ll find something suitable. After all, this is New York. I feel as if I will be meeting someone I already know quite well. So we will hang out in the afternoon, which I really like doing. Why? Just because Sunday afternoons are nice and mellow and you can find some quiet places to hang out and get to know one another up close. It’s this discovery process that I find fascinating. I hope she remembers to pack that tangerine dress. And from her pics it looks like she really has smooth skin, which I love…

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  1. Sam says:

    You will do great! She is in the bestest hands ever…. I hope she realizes how lucky she is in meeting you. Xxoo

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