The sugar baby fell in love with her sugar daddy

I got an email from a nice lady in Cali aged 21 who said she fell in love with her 46 year old sugar daddy! He is divorced, wealthy etc and they met on one of the sites, and had a 6 month relationship. Towards the end she noticed a change in his behavior, i.e. not emailing or texting her as often as he used to, reactivating his profile on the SD dating site etc. She asked me if I think she still had a chance. Well, let’s think about it:

1. The relationship has already lasted 6 months, which is longer than the typical sugar relationship. On average I have noticed they tend to last 3 to 4 months. Some that I have had lasted up to 1 year, but 3-4 months is good average. So chances are the SD is feeling a bit on edge and is looking to start seeing other people as well.

2. She started developing some very strong feelings for him, even though it all started as an NSA arrangement. Over time, she fell for the man (not the treatment). She mentioned that even without gifts and allowances she would still have a serious relationship with him, as she was getting attracted to older men and his personality, specifically. And she told him so quite openly

3. Of course if you open up yourself in this way and the other party does not see eye to eye, there is plenty of chance for dissapointment. So she was in love with the man, not with the treatment and the gifts. Didn’t start that way nor was it plan, but that’s what it became for her, over time. It’s a lovely feeling sometimes, but since he didn’t see eye to eye with her, she is bound to get dissapointed.  Even if they squeeze in a couple more dates

The following dialogue took place, around midnight:

Her:  ‘A lot of men don’t realize how much they can hurt a girl or woman.  I think women are more emotional and a man may not care while a woman can care a lot about the man, and he may not realize that.  I doubt exSD knows how much I cared for him, and how hurt I am and every night, all i can think of is “what if he’s with another woman right now/tonight?”, like im thinking right now…
David:  One 21 year woman old said once that ‘if i am going to do anything with an old man might as well be for gifts. otherwise i’ll just do someting with a hot 21 year old guy’
Her: That would’ve been me.  I never saw myself falling for a 46 year old man
David: ‘ Then again, a lot of 40 year olds just see 21 y.o women as meat anyway (I don’t but many do..).  They would rather have a relationship with someone 25+’
Her: ‘  :(   I think that’s what he saw me as too’
David: ‘ Think about it.  The typical 46 year old man in a serious romantic relationship with someone his daughers age?  A bit freaky dont u think?   If i may speak honestly’
Her: ‘ youre right David though i dont like to hear it’

4. In the end my advice to her was: ‘You know that he doesn’t see you in that way, he pretty much told you not through words but through his acts. You should move on right now and as hard as it is, stop thinking about him, as your feelings for him will go unanswered. Do whatever it takes. Go to the gym every day for 2 hours if you have to, to work out the extra energy. But don’t keep down that path, because the train has left the station already. To protect your feelings you need to leave it behind as well. This trade is done with’.

Perhaps I am the logical finance guy here, but I was looking out for her best interest, because she sounded like a very sincere young lady and very upset about the whole thing. It’s NSA baby.

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One Response to The sugar baby fell in love with her sugar daddy

  1. Jade says:

    In situations like this one has to have a finance guys calm and take his advice.

    Going out with friends, getting attention from other men sure help for elevating self esteem.

    Ps when you are young and strive for balancd its so easy to fall for a mature man. Its not love its an internal need she haD satisfied by him and now she is in withdrawal. She has to work on herself to be self balanced then she will make them fall and explain NSA. LOL

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