The 3 chemistry students: college sugar babies

It is very interesting that in the past year I have met 3 ladies, actual or potential SBs that are chemistry students in college. Can’t say that I liked chemistry in school, so I guess it is my luck.

The first one, was a very analytical person, and she was drawn to do advanced research in chemistry.  As it turned out that was a mixed blessing.  She was quite emotional, and I know that some people tend to deal with this by over analyzing everything. In terms of our relationship that was her downfall. At one point I just had enough analysis.  She also gave me an interesting nickname, drawn from one of Lady Gaga’s songs. It talks about sex and money and her pushing away when something more meaningful develops.  Incidentally, she originally contacted me because she wanted to experience something else besides sex and money, and actually form a bond of some sort with someone.  I guess that while in the process, she decided to start pushing away, followed by some analysis, so I had enough at that point. Nice lady though. Would I see her again? Dunno.  Maybe without the extensive analysis that goes with it. Certain things should not be analyzed until they are history.  This way a more objective analysis can take place, rather than when one is in the heat of battle doing all kinds of mistakes.

The second chemistry major is so busy with school, activities etc. I wonder where she gets the time to go to the ladies room, let alone wanting to see someone on a regular basis.  I did find it flattering that she would come an hour away on a train to meet up.  And sex was interesting, although without kissing! I find that kissing is the major mating type of behavior in our species and a major turn on. If that is not there, well it’s interesting.  From her I expected ‘the works’ sexually as she so eloquently put it.  I liked her chocolate curves, and the fact she demanded certain things in bed. Demanded not in bossy way, but in a nice and firm way. I liked that…

The third, was a person in the European tradition. Not in terms of background as she was born in New York to immigrant parents, but the way she behaved and the way she saw relationships: in somewhat of an old fashioned and classy way: manneurisms and manner of speaking.  While at the dinner table I remember noticing her smooth skin, the shape of her face, and those amazingly colored eyes.  In the meantime wondering how would it be to be closer to her.

And my old FB from Ozone Park, Queens came out of the woodworks all of a sudden wanting to go to the Water Club for dinner…She didn’t study chemistry in college, I think she studied English Literature.

Blog will be going quiet while I am out of town. Family calls.  More later…

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  1. Jane says:

    Wow; first time I’ve read your blog and what an interesting entry haha that last girl sure does sound like something special.

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