She was double dipping

I had met my old ‘friend’ Sara and we were discussing our recent dates, and the Asian SB came up.  Now remember that Sara and I were sharing just about everything with each other.  That was before she decided to go over to the dark side and try escorting….

At one point she said ‘Dave, she is double or even triple dipping’.  To which I answered ‘I know that, but somehow, I still like her’.  What did she mean by double dipping?  Simply, she was seeing multiple people at the same time, and even seeing multiple people on the same day.  For example, her behavior on certain dates was like ‘Well, I have 2 hours and then I have to meet up with friends’.  She did not have a poker face and she was was a terrible liar.  I think she would arrange for 2 dates for the same night, sleep with one of them, and have dinner with another.  And then be home by 11 pm.  Her live in boyfriend was a musician and kept a crazy schedule at night anyway, so the chances he would suspect were slim.  This reminded me of the times when I was 19 and did something similar, i.e. set up 2 dates on the same night, back to back.

So I wasn’t terribly annoyed by that.  But one time, I had re-arranged my schedule so I could meet up with her, and she backed out an hour before we were supposed to meet.  I became very annoyed at that. She had come up with an excuse that she had to clean the house from a party they had the night before etc.  Later on she fessed up it was an orgy, but I digress.  Then, she tried to meet on 2 separate occasions on subsequent days ‘to make it up to me’  but I was occupied with family stuff, or simply seeing others, so I would not cancel those pre-made plans.  As an aside, when someone cancels a date for a second time it is a complete turn off, to the point where, in my mind at least, the relationship is over. Even if I do keep seeing them, I am just going through the motions and I have already lost so much respect, I can easily start treating them as second class citizens.  Am I a strickler? I guess…I expect punctuality and professionalism in everything.  If that makes me a stick in the mud, so be it.

By the way, I hope she used protection during those orgies…I know I am clean as a whistle, not sure about her.

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2 Responses to She was double dipping

  1. Jade says:

    You are so funny sometimes!
    I mean if she was let’s say “n dipping” but into an amazing smart way (she would have to pay closer attention to you, lol) so she could avoid you getting irritated, I think we would of have on a happy(er) SD with his Asian fix in tow! So my selfish me=reader, is content that the opposite situation is getting me more posts to read. :) I hope you will meet that woman, you deserve something more adventurous, I mean even more so than the present….
    That’s why I say, ladies, be smart, if you are not yet, learn from the ones who do it better. With a smile on their face! Steel magnolias….(ref to Southern belles)

  2. Jade, you are a brat, and that’s ok. Nothing wrong with that. And I wish that more women would learn from you Texas gal’s.

    Until then, I continue my quest for the perfect Asian SB!

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