Jersey Girl

After dinner at the Gramercy Tavern she invited me over to her place in Hoboken. It was interesting as this was our 3rd date, and in previous dates we were so open with each other. We were discussing things like past affairs, ex’es, likes and dislikes, and also the fact that we were both squeaky clean when it came to std’s. It was just our minds that was really dirty, Ha!That was one interesting ride from Manhattan to NJ. The reason she invited me over is because she had just come back from a trip to France and brought me some of the local chocolates. We arrived at her place and sure enough, there was a bag of chocolates, next to a joint.
She politely proceeded to light up the joint and put on some music. The tune was ‘Make or Break’ by an old band, The Firm. I was pleasantly surprised she liked them, and she started swaying to that in the middle of her living room while getting very close to me. My blood pressure I am sure was rising as she took me by the hand into her bedroom. So here we were, me and this 35 year old divorcee (my favorite age group), with a deep kiss, having a great time even though she was nervous, she was a trooper.

And a day later she emailed the classic ‘You are a stressed out and conservative guy, Dave, who needs some fun in his life’.

I never did see her again, but I heard this same tune today which reminded me of her

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I look forward to reading more.

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