You know…

It’s very interesting to consider the fact that I may never see the individual (or individuals) I broke up with during 2011, ever again. It is an eerie feeling that I have been getting in recent days, not sure how to describe it. It’s like certain feelings or images of them persist in memory and just linger there. It makes them very endearing but also I know I was being naughty in how I treated them. I always like to look back or even go back sometimes. History was my favorite subject in high school, remember? What would I do if I ran into them again? Buy them an Absinthe, of course, my new all time favorite drink for hanging out. And then I would proceed to do it right the second time around.

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2 Responses to You know…

  1. Ayree says:

    So you believe in second chances, then…???

  2. I believe in second chances. Not only in sugar but in real life as well

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